Automated blinds

Inspired by the multitudes of other automated window blind projects, [John] decided to build his own simpler design. Knowing his Arduino was massive overkill (yes, we hear you all cheering) he picked up a picaxe 08m starter kit.  Looking at his very simple circuit, you’ll notice there are no resistors or capacitors.  He designed it to take commands from his PC via IR. The final product is fairly well hidden, and should his girlfriend ever be upgraded to wife, we assume he’ll hide it better. Good job [John]. We’re no strangers to automated blinds, we’ve seen them a few times.

11 thoughts on “Automated blinds

  1. That might just blow the budget :)

    It reminds me though, I should have posted the code. The Sony protocol has 128 unique codes so this window uses the LSB and my next one will use the next least significant. Makes it easier when testing with a remote control too since every other button opens or closes it.

  2. Nice work indeed. Simple and sweet.

    Perhaps you could use some white electrical tape to help hide the wires (either by wrapping them or taping them to the wall)?

  3. Hi guys! Let me take a minute of your time.
    Our young startup has developed a revolutionary product for automation of existing window blinds. It is Wi-Fi and ZigBee enabled. We have launched a Pre-Order campaign today – please like, share and contribute!
    Check out the link below:

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