SpiderBot Emulates Spider-man


Spiderbot moves with four magnetic grapplers that it can launch, detach, and aim according to it’s path planning algorithm. While the robot is definitely not a final product and is quite a bit away from moving with the same grace and speed as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, it is definitely one of the more interesting locomotion experiments out there. The video has some nice slow motion footage of the main mechanisms as well as screen captures of the path planning.

[Via BotJunkie]

12 thoughts on “SpiderBot Emulates Spider-man

  1. I really apprentice the hard work behind this robot. Its a new idea and a rather complex concept. Thus, I fully understand that it might not be as fast as your arduinno based wheel robot :P

    @ ph3d
    Come on… its slowness is mainly due to mechanical reasons… even a cray would not make it faster…

    However, they are going to deserve harsh comments. If you announce a spiderman like robot you should deliver one.

    Why not keeping the truth and just call it

    The amazing sloth-robot

    and everybody here would be full of admiration

  2. I kind of like this sloth robot. The concept is very well put togheter, altough the gymnastics for reloading is weird. This guy deserves some credit. But I’m still waiting for a faster hexapod version…

  3. One of the hackaday posts about power consumption on a robot made me think about using suction cups and bounding around from the ceiling.. rather than powering legs.

    So this is kinda cool to see* someone do something similar.

    *or it will be when I can actually see it.. silly work internet filters out youtube.

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