Another Stationary Bike VR Rig

[Shingo] shared his implementation of a stationary bike as a virtual reality interface. This is similar to the Google Street View setup we covered a week ago but goes a few steps further. They patched into the bike computer to pick up rotation of the bicycle wheel and added an accelerometer for directional control. This setup can navigate through Street View but the video after the break also details an interface with Google Earth and even the ability to navigate through Second Life, following your avatar as it bikes along with you. The use of a wearable display is far superior to something like the SurfShelf and really gives you a goal other than just some cold-weather exercise. So take this idea, patch it into a wearable computer and you’ve got the exercise setup worthy of the future world we’ve been promised.


10 thoughts on “Another Stationary Bike VR Rig

  1. this would be really interesting to use for games like grand theft auto and other open world types of games. Not necessarily for completing the game, but for exploring and looking for hidden packages and such.

  2. Neat, now all I need to do is make that mountainbike simulator I’ve been fantasising about.

    The vid gives me an idea – use google earth for the coarse texture of the ground. Grind on Niagara Falls, jump between buildings like a giant.

  3. Why are all these bike VR rigs using crappy bikes? Come on let’s use a Recumbent so it’s comfortable and you get a better workout.

    Yes recumbent pedaling uses all the muscles in your legs unlike the crappy standard bike based on horribly outdated technology.

  4. @farthead
    Actually, if you’re pedaling correctly, a standard bike uses all the muscles as well. Besides, if you’re using rollers or riding the bike normally, you’re using your core to balance, instead of kicking it tricycle style.

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