Let It Snow (Leopard)

Yet another netbook can now run OS X. This one happens to be the Samsung n310, making it our first published non-Dell netbook to accomplish the feat. The key lies in a custom (and downloadable) .ISO for intalling said operating system onto a netbook. Full instructions for the task, and an audio driver for the n310 in OS X, are available on the [ComputerSolutions] website.

Oddly enough, the platform swap probably ‘freed up’ some space.

26 thoughts on “Let It Snow (Leopard)

  1. The Lenovo S10 is also a fairly popular hackintosh netbook. Mine has been running Leopard and then Snow for quite some time now. The only problems are the mic and ethernet port not working but I don’t use the ethernet at all and an external usb mic solved the problem with skype calls.

  2. Some people need to learn how to read. Never did they say it was the first non-Dell to run OS X.

    They said it was their first “published” non-Dell to run OS X.

    Not only is the content going downhill, so are the reader’s.

  3. Jeebus they said “THEIR” first published. Learn how to read.

    Here I’ll quote it directly:
    “This one happens to be the Samsung n310, making it OUR first published non-Dell netbook to accomplish the feat.”

    No wonder the quality of hacking is going down. Reading comprehension isn’t that hard. Now I can understand why comprehending electronics is so difficult for some of you……

  4. Great that we ‘cracked’ the mystical OSX code on another netbook, I wouldn’t call this news. Just because it’s non-Dell doesn’t mean much, who cares. I have several non-Dell netbooks running various OSes but it’s not blog worthy. :/

  5. I may sound like a prick for this, but I really think it’s a valid point.

    You commenter’s are for the most part idiot’s, it’s no wonder you can even put pant’s on in the morning.

  6. Yep, David, you just grouped yourself in on your own statement.

    With that being said, this really is a rather useless article. Sorry HAD, but its simply Mac OS on a non-mac platform – again.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  7. What’s with the jab at using metric?

    It’s not like the space usage ratio changed. You can say you’re using 1/2 the space on the disk, or 2/4ths, or 500/1000 GB. All would be valid.

    I find your insistence that decimal isn’t reality quite insulting. I’ve worked on image formats in the past – they’re heavily binary, and I loved it – but I’m still not deluded enough to miss that metric vs binary only affects your perception of the HDD space. You’re still getting the exact same amount.

    And since HDD manufacturers have always (in the past 5+ years) stated they measure capacities in metric, I don’t see what hackaday’s beef is. I mean, it’s a spinning platter. That’s analog technology. Mathematically you should be thinking circles rather than binary.

    If you want a beef, check out SSD manufacturers. Many advertise 32GB, but most are only 30GB (metric), which means about 27.93 GiB. *That* is false advertising – and since NAND is more digital than analog, it should be measured like RAM is.

  8. that cherrypal actually kicks ass compared to the old laptop i was playing with. i could have bought a cd drive and ram upgrade for under 40 bucks, but it was a 166mhz with 32mb ram, and i blew up both my hard drives plugging them in wrong to my 44 pin to desktop ide converter. then i was thinking about spending like 30 or so to get a 44 pin to compactflash, and a small compactflash for it, because the hard drives i had for it were 2 and 3 gigs. but i took it apart and putting it back together didnt make it work. i think theres some ground connection to the lcd that im missing, but since i screwed up my ebay bid to win the one with another 32mb stick and the missing cd drive, and hd, i will just sell it on ebay as upgrade parts, because most of the people playing with that laptop have 133mhz and 16 or 32 mb ram, i can let them upgrade to 166 and 64, which should make it a little more possible to find a linux gui for it that doesnt suck. everythings better but the screen size, but since i was looking into buying a lg incite, i guess screen size isnt a problem. Thats the sort of computer that i would give to my little sisters, because they need to learn to use computers like the rest of the world. they can break the shit out of a laptop quick too! less than a month i had this dell with wifi. i had it full of emulators and roms. they poked the screen because i had previously had them playing with a fujitsu lifebook, touchscreen. lol the lifebook had no optical drive, and my youngest sister turned Iexplore.exe into a scribbly .bmp file so i was like dammit and i found something like netscape hiding out on the hard drive, used it to get online and download internet explorer again. then traded it for the dell after i cleaned it up, the dell ended up with keys ripped off, bruised up lcd, and a shorted out motherboard because the puppy chewed up the power cable. all in less than 30 days. that dell was far more badass than the cherrypal, and it was actually won in a raffle for like $25. because some business was getting new computers. it was over 1ghz and at least 256 mb ram if not 512. wifi card, external cdrom. nice sized hard drive. all lost because i was in oklahoma, a part of oklahoma where there is very little wifi and you have to go to the library to get online.
    so anyway, with them living in oklahoma, and being homeschooled, and having little computer experience, i need to send them something like that, or OLPC but i can never catch a deal on those things. that is the sort of thing they need though, something made for kids in developing countries. because compared to everywhere else i have been, that part of oklahoma IS a developing country, and its sad to see kids growing up without computers.
    anyway, more on the MAIN topic, OS X is a mac thing, right? so its not free like linux, but more like free like ‘windows xp performance edition’ lol torrents. OSx is something i have never tried, never heard too much about, and wouldnt mind giving a shot, if the process were legally as simple as downloading all these different linux distros i have been trying out. lucky i found my old cdrws because i was wasting way too many cd-r on overrated distros. or maybe they are good and they just needed more ram. SliTaz>DSL (in l337ness) AND SliTaz<DSL (in MB)
    but i am far from l337 enough to configure a wireless card in SliTaz. or DSL probably, but i h8 dSL because of the 'graphics' (they are text)
    ooh 'The key lies in a custom (and downloadable) .ISO for intalling said operating system onto a netbook.' okay that resolves that issue. now i want to try it, that way i dont have to read peoples reviews and be let down because its not as awesome as everyone said (DSL)

  9. damn. that was way too long. and i didnt read thoroughly. i was reading bing specs and thinking how the hell is that 99 bucks. but i still might give the cherrypal a buy, after i know how much sd card it can support, and test it to see if its something my sisters could use. i see some crap just like that on ebay, flooding the site, trying to make it look like its a netbook with 2gb ram, but then you read the description and its 2gb hd. i should check it out tho, cuz its cheap and light enough i could send them cash to ship it back to me if they break it lol
    but my mom said APPlE is EVIl and stuff. well she said ‘the first computer was an apple, and blah blah adam and eve and satan.. ” lol. so needless to say, she doesnt really like computers anyway. still kinda what i’ve been looking for to use around the house since i got wifi and my stepmom hates me using the wii online.
    on second thought, if the wii has 512 mb ram and cant play long youtube vids.. and is like 700mhz. then why would i want one of these for personal use? so maybe for the kids education thing.. load up an sd card with educational shit and mail it to em, and hope they dont find a wifi hotspot and communicate with predators. so maybe i should look for something totally offline, or maybe i could trust my mother who preaches the evils of computers, to keep them safe from that sort of shit. damn. i only type this much when i have been awake too long. so i will go the fuck to sleep eh. damn delete these comments lol

  10. I interviewed the chairman of Cherrypal about the Africa. Some interesting stuff came out.

    The specs on the website are not set in stone. They’re what your computer will AT LEAST have. It may have better ones. They’re basically obtaining budget parts or even whole pre-built systems inexpensively, rebranding them as Cherrypal Africas, and selling them for $99.

    The idea is not to sell netbooks cheap, but to get basic, bare-bones Internet access capability into the hands of people on the underside of the digital divide.


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