IPhone N64 Emulation With WiiMote


[ZodTTD] has released a Nintendo 64 emulator for iPhone. It is available (for a price) at the Cydia store and can be installed on jailbroken iPhones. The video shows Wii Remote support as a control interface that uses both buttons and the accelerometer, an addition since we last looked at his work. There is no word about nunchuck functionality, a must if you’re going to try to 100% Mario64.

21 thoughts on “IPhone N64 Emulation With WiiMote

  1. For an early release I’m rather impressed. Looking at Cydia, apparently there’s already a new version out that claims to have better performance. Curious to see where it goes from here.

  2. it really would be a whole lot better if the “b” button was higher then the “a” button instead.i like to use the b button with the end of my thumb and the a button with the inside knuckle of my thumb.

  3. Emulator schemulator, the Wiimote control is what’s interesting here. If they get the nunchuck working then they will have a full analog joystick to use instead of using the tilt sensor here (which of coures the iphone already has).

  4. pha is it just me or is Iphone not be able to handle nes graphics? i mean look at Megaman 2 for example, sluggish and slow as hell. and now ghouls and ghost being port and ppl is complaining about being slow frame rate drops.. PAH i tried NES4Iphone nice idea but seemed to be slow as the other iphone games that tries to emulate games from that era.

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