Suska Open Source Atari ST

Got a special place in your heart for Atari computing? Now you can quench that need using new hardware. The Suska project has achieved complete hardware emulation of the Atari ST using an FPGA. The project’s progress tracker shows implementation of the major chips at 100%. They are running EmuTOS, an Atari emulator, as the operating system because running the original would violate copyright. The chip used is an Altera Cyclone III. You could load up the code on your own hardware but judging from the number of connections needed it might be less of a headache to buy a board from these guys.

[Thanks Erik]

15 thoughts on “Suska Open Source Atari ST

  1. Funny, I have been looking at the possibility of doing something just about like this. The current price is way too expensive, but it might be possible to do better, and if so would make an excellent project board.

    From the pics it does not look like the TOS ROM slots are there, so it probably uses an image, hence EmuTOS.

    The Mac emulator was called Spectre GCR (previous was Magic Sac and Spectre 128). It plugged into the cartridge slot and provided System 6.0X (I had 6.08 running on mine). It actually ran faster than the Macs of the day.

  2. The discussion of Spectre GCR reminds me of a Mac Plus emulator I had for the Amiga 1000. It loaded Mac ROMs into the WOM on boot. The resulting machine actually had more free RAM as a Mac than it did as an Amiga, because the Mac ROMs were smaller.

    I should dig that machine back out of my closet one of these days.

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