CES: Parrot AR Drone update

Here’s a small update on the AR Drone from Parrot. We finally got this video uploaded. It isn’t anything fantastic, but you get a good view of the board on the bottom of the device. You can clearly see a tiny camera in the middle and what looks like sonar range finders toward the front of the drone.

As some commenters have stated, this looks like a more robust platform of the X-UFO. We haven’t seen the X-UFO, but the salesperson even mentioned it. Check out some flight video after the break. We’ve shot some flight video of our own that we’ll have up soon.

8 thoughts on “CES: Parrot AR Drone update

  1. I have an XUFO. This looks like much better technology at a basic level… Solid-state MEMS sensors for stabilization vs a mechanical gyro on the XUFO, not to mention the additional sensors and cameras.
    This is a huge improvement because in my experience, you can only keep the XUFO flying for under a minute before the mechanical gyro drifts out of center and touches the casing, causing it to go crazy and tumble out of the sky.
    That being said, XUFO was cool as s**. I’m looking forward to seeing the price point on this guy. Hopefully it comes in under the original, the Draganfly, which has always been out of my toy budget since I first saw one in college ($1000). http://www.draganfly.com/

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