Bike Controller For Xbox 360

ProjectExciteBike is on its second iteration of an exercise bike controller for Xbox 360. The controller takes pedal input from the cranks of the exercise bike. The sensing is handled by a ring of five hall effect sensors that detect a passing magnet attached to the crank. The sensor data is collected and processed by an Arduino which connects to a wireless Xbox 360 controller for output.

This version of the gaming device includes a fine adjustment widget. It uses a row of LEDs to represent the speed of the pedals and has a slider to adjust how much of an effect this has on the game. This is what we envisioned for the trainer computer we saw yesterday. Take a look at some game play video after the break and dig through the code if you have an exercise bike waiting to be recommissioned.



11 thoughts on “Bike Controller For Xbox 360

  1. A bit mad where he is shooting by pedalling. Presumably with the resistance of the bike, there would be a bit of a time delay from starting pedalling to it firing (or you have to pedal all the time to keep it ready)

    The wii has started a revolution of fitness gaining computer games. You just need a big fan to blow that ‘fresh air’ across your face now!


  2. Hey guys, I have gone into the “Dig through the code” link as I want to do this myself but my coding is brutal, is there any way I could please access the arduino code for this? it would be a great help, thank you :)


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