Contest: Win Push Showcase Tickets

Who is ready to win some tickets to the PUSH N900 Showcase?

The showcase is an event where all 5 teams from the Push N900 competition are going meet up in London and present their N900 hacks. Including N900s that fly, skate, Etch a Sketch(TM), and more. We also hear there is going to be a poll-dancing robot thanks to [Giles Walker]. We were given tickets to the event, and decided to pass them along to our readers.

How can you gain a pair of tickets to this magical showcase? Check out after the break – hope you know a thing or two about resistors.

You’re working with any one of the team winners in the PUSH N900 competition. Your team needs two like resistors in order to complete the project on time.

Luckily your work drawer is overflowing with resistors, and you know that there are only 4 different values since you pulled them yourself from old junk.

You close your eyes and reach in. What is the minimum amount of resistors you have to pull out to ensure 2 of the same value?

That’s it? Yep! Send in your answer to the email and two lucky winners will receive a pair of Tickets to the PUSH N900 showcase.

Rules and information.
1. The showcase will be the 4th of February, in London UK. If you are unable to make it or out of location – you can still win and your name will be announced. But we highly encourage you to pass your ticket to a runner up who can actually make it.

2. Competition is open to everyone and anyone – except Staff members and Contributing writers of HackaDay. There will be a total of TWO winners for this competition.

3. Entry Period is between January 28th 2010 Noon PST and February 1st 2010 10AM PST. Winners will be contacted and announced February 1st 2010.

4. Winners will be selected randomly from the correct entries using PRNG. The odds of being selected depend on the number of eligible entries received.

5. Winners will be contacted via email and will be asked to provide their first and last names, city/state/country of residence, their Email address, and if they wish to pass on the tickets to another winner. If a potential winner does not respond within 24 hours. We may select the next entry to take the place.

6. The prize will be two tickets to the PUSH N900 showcase per winner. No cash or other substitution may be made. Winner must accommodate their own travel and other expenses.

7. Participation in the Competition constitutes winner’s consent to use of winner’s first and last name, country of residence for promotional, publicity or advertising purposes worldwide in any media and on the World Wide Web, without further payment, consideration, review or consent (where allowable).

8. Participation in a giveaway constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules, which are final and binding. HackaDay reserves the right to change and modify these rules at any time for any reason.

9. Comments have been disabled so as to prevent cheating and answer sharing.