The Uber Eeepc

[F00] wrote in to show us his Eeepc that has been modded with almost every upgrade you can cram in one. He has an external cantenna for his wifi, an iPod hard drive, touch screen, added bluetooth with indicator lights, and an internal USB drive for booting linux. While the details are somewhat lacking on his site, you can find an article here for every piece you need to recreate his work. We’ve covered adding the touch screen, mounting external antennas, doing it all without solder, even changing the form factor. Not to mention the other Eeepc we’ve seen that was extremely well endowed.

13 thoughts on “The Uber Eeepc

  1. @xorpunk:

    Yeah, he mentions that he’s got a bootable version of backtrack3 installed, for dual-booting. I’m not sure I’d have used XP in my photo-shoot though, but to each his own.

  2. I have a 700/surf 2g with a usb 56k modem and 8GB thumb drive inside. The mpci wifi also does injection and monitor, I have backtrack 4 final on it now. I carry it like a book and it can do almost anything.

    I could also add GPS and a webcam, but I don’t need them. You can get a 2G new for like $100.

  3. @JD,

    eBay is a great place to pick them up cheap. I got a 2g surf (800mhz cele) “broken” for 50$ that didn’t include a screen, ended up turning it into a blu-ray player. Posted a vid up on my site/youtube channel that shows it running 720p matroska off a usb stick, freaks people out.

  4. I have a 701 and it’s great for modding. There’s a lot of room in these little beasts. The best hack I’ve seen for the 701 has to be the 8.9″ lcd hack on
    I’ve moved on to the ClarionMind. It’s got a good amount of space inside it’s casing.
    ‘s specs are 800mhz atom, ul11l chipset, gma500, gps, touchscreen, microsd, 4gb ssd, 802.11bg, bluetooth, 512mb ram.
    It can be found for about $145.
    Comes with loaded with it’s own linux, but you can put xp or ubuntu 9.04 on it.

  5. Ive got this really nasty eepc ripoff called “ubisurfer”.. its comes with a some unknown ultra crap linux cutdown.. it has an ARM5, i cant check my emails on it because its too slow. (literally).. the usb port is useless since no drives work. it comes with 3g via vodaphone for a year, Maplins wouldnt refund it.
    its totally pathetic, i couldnt acess hackaday on it. could anyone give me advice on what to do with it?

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