Will this mouse get me kicked out of the coffee shop?

This [Dwight Shrute]-esque project will let you try out your taxidermy skills. Apparently you can acquire a ‘wetware’ mouse fresh or frozen from pet stores. We just need to wait until fall when our pantry is visited by the less-domesticated variety.

A travel-sized optical mouse acts as the replacement guts. Some creative dremeling brings the plastic housing down to a more acceptable shape. The furry bits need to be processed using the mouse taxidermy guide before they are fit over the electronics. What you end up with is a creepy peripheral that nobody wants to use.

109 thoughts on “Will this mouse get me kicked out of the coffee shop?

  1. YESSS!!! Wow, this is freaking hilarious. I must do this immediately. We have a PETA group that meets in the student center at my school, and they hand out flyers and try to spread “awareness” and all that crap. I’ma make one of these and then go sit at the nearest table with my new mouse :D

  2. I think that is awsome and the thing about animals is that it is not your neibors cat of wifes poodle ya know i love animals i have 3 chi 1 pit 2 cats 1 mccaw 2 ferets 1 red tail boa and had a pet racoon, if it is ded when i get to it ok but if i have to kill it that is a differnt story.if its some ones pet leave it alone wild found in house caught in trap free and fair game my sone sets in the back yard on some days and chases a rabbit arund the yard with a bat doesnt bother me

  3. I still want Robochicken!!! I might have to get my .22 out and do it myself :P

    All the wusses please do us a favor and continue posting your thoughts. It was fun to read your comments in this long thread.

    I am a member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals), and I do shoot vermin to get rid of them. I fed a fox and her 2 cubs on all the dead squirrels I shot off from all the trees around my house (my trees BTW). I no longer have any squirrels or field mice (yes, I live in the woods) so there… whine and cry. I call it damage prevention, as these animals cause thousands in damage if they get in.

    That said, I do like animals. I don’t have an issue with dogs and cats, although I don’t own any pets (please whiners, note I said “OWN”) All other animals are either vermin you just kill, or I like…with a side of fries :P

    Flame on!!!

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