Will This Mouse Get Me Kicked Out Of The Coffee Shop?

This [Dwight Shrute]-esque project will let you try out your taxidermy skills. Apparently you can acquire a ‘wetware’ mouse fresh or frozen from pet stores. We just need to wait until fall when our pantry is visited by the less-domesticated variety.

A travel-sized optical mouse acts as the replacement guts. Some creative dremeling brings the plastic housing down to a more acceptable shape. The furry bits need to be processed using the mouse taxidermy guide before they are fit over the electronics. What you end up with is a creepy peripheral that nobody wants to use.

109 thoughts on “Will This Mouse Get Me Kicked Out Of The Coffee Shop?

  1. Wow… thats just disgusting. Whats even worse are some of these responses “so what I have 4 deer heads mounted on my wall” “dissecting a pig just made me want bacon” WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? One day when your gone from this world, you may not go to hell. But “they” will definitely have some questions for you before letting you into heaven.

  2. @Shawn:

    When was the last time you read your Bible? Try Genesis 9:1-3 (http://tinyurl.com/yjothre).

    Our Creator gave us stewardship over EVERYTHING in the world. Specifically, animals are to be food for us. By extension, the rest of the animal, rather than going to waste, should be used for purposes just such as this (although I doubt the ‘ible poster ate the rat meat).

    While we’re here, let’s just squash that whole “climate change” myth, as well. Just cast your eye one verse up to Genesis 8:22 (http://tinyurl.com/yz2e25p).

    BTW, who was it that made the the first two leather items EVER? Oh, yeah… ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF! And to whom did He give them? THE MAN WHO BROUGHT SIN INTO THE WORLD (and his wife)! http://tinyurl.com/ydzaenk

    There are too many other things wrong with your post to cover here. I’d be glad to study with you any time, though. runnerpack [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. A: It’s not cruel, the mouse is dead.
    B: It’s not gross, the mouse is clean.
    C: It’s a DEAD MOUSE. The things are almost universally pests. It’s kinda weird, but kinda cute in a strange fashion.

    Thumbs up for the mouse mouse.

  4. damn, you guys are such pussys

    it clearly states the mouse is dead before he buys it so he’s just creativly repurposeing the poor thing

    buying them from pet stores i can olny assume its for feeding snakes and such.

    Great hack in my opinion

  5. damn and I just disposed of 14 nice lil’ grey pelts… I remember thinking, wow, these poor lil guys sure are soft and have such nice shiny coats, shame, what a waste… oh well atleast they aren’t getting their urine all over my pantry.. people really have no idea how much their lives destroy lil animals every single day of their lives… get over yourselves, everything you do destroys something else. at least this woman has a creepy-cute clicker.

  6. @Shawn

    “But “they” will definitely have some questions for you before letting you into heaven.”

    I thought “God” said that we could basically use the animals however we want,.. oh and we can stone people to death and stuff too.

    Lots of people walk around with all sorts of animal parts attached to their bodies, then ingest parts of animals… so if the invisible teapot does exist, there’s going to be a pretty long line at immigration.

  7. Not gross. But it looks regrettably bristled up, as if it were right from cat’s throat. Live mice groom themselves regularly. I think that taxidermy creations look nice enough only if they are used solely for display and aren’t disturbed. Who wants to brush this stuffed peripheral every hour or so, anyway?

  8. My cat kills mice by making them run til they die : thousand times more cruel than reusing a mouse skin. The good point is that I could try the hack with one. Killing a mouse or make it suffer to stuff it with electronics is cruel, using a dead mouse is not.

    Anyway, that’s a hack.

  9. Wow, the level of Hack-a-Day!

    I used to visit this site several times a day, looking for cool hacks, it used to be informative and entertaining. I’m afraid it has not been for a while now.

    Judging by the conversations here, I’m back in high school… Not that I enjoyed that time very much, being a nerd and all…

  10. @Cantito: “and we can stone people to death and stuff too.”

    Only if we are men. There are no women here, are there?

    //He’s not the son of God, he’s a very naughty boy!

  11. @Peter

    If you support the other guys you’re in for a stoning, or being raped and sold back to your rapist for a shiny penny or something..

    Yeah, God just wouldn’t be down with a mouse made out of a dead mouse. But I’m not sure “he” would notice in between “testing” people with earth quakes etc.

  12. Seriously, Hack-a-Day …

    Your readership deserves much better quality than this … it would seem that your quality standard is in freefall …

    Don’t be afraid to have a high standards for your published hacks!

  13. Well, i’m gonna have to side with the “this is a valid and cool hack” crowd. as an avid hunter and such. especially when these rodents get into your area and eat your food, and bite you in your sleep (happened to my brother at our hunt camp). they are pests and to be honest, it was alreayd dead. I’ve seen many more worse ways to dispose of a mouse, and i’m not even talkig about store bought traps. those who would like to say that this is cruela dn hunting is a waste – more people are killed every year by deer than any other animal – in vehicular accidents. main reason for hunting nowadays is population control. all the animals that used to prey on animals don’t have the capacity to do so anymore (ie rats in most cities vs indoor pet cats – no way for them to keep the rats in check…). also, everyones ancestors here used to kill for food, so quit whining – none of the animal went to waste (i’m assuming the rest f the parts were used to feeed something). i could argue for hours on this, but wont. I would like to see simlar posts in the future though.

    BTW, 81rdm4n – what are the measurements/# of points? (it’s a hunting term, not related to gaming in hunting for those who don’t know)

  14. Jesus. I thought one of the rules of the internet stated that there were no girls. Yet here we are with a page nearly full of them.

    Awesome and hilarious, add my vote to the “somebody test it out at a cafe” pile.

  15. What will be next Hack a day post? Put a Roomba inside your dog, or an Arduino remote controlled cat? Shame on you. Hacking things is NOT playing with animals. Also discovered that instructables has lot of articles dedicated to taxidermy how-tos… That’s disgusting. As others said, if you don’t have nothing to post, don’t post at all.

  16. Bah that’s ancient. Just stick “Mouse” into google image search and it appears. My students at school find that every time I do the “common input and output devices” lesson.

    Are we next going to see the keyboard hack where someone made a bag out of keyboard buttons? (hint, put ‘keyboard’ into google image search).

  17. Usually when I see something on this site that I deem irrelevant, boring, or “lame”, I skip and move on to the next one. I wish everyone here did that. But my favorite has to be those that demand they(HAD) don’t post anything in the event that what they’re considering could be seen as unsatisfactory for some of the readers, which I can relate to, as that is what I feel about your posts…you must be long-timers here, cause that’s a pretty high level of comfort you’re exhibiting.

    This is just another general complaint comment against the waves of complainers, which I tend to see from time to time. It makes me wary of even reading the comment section which is unfortunate, because there can be just as many insightful comments on this site. Ah well.

  18. -sigh- Should have figured my words would be turned against me. The fact of the matter is it’s WRONG to kill animals for NO reason. This, as well as MOST forms of hunting fall under that category. And for those of you that quoted the bible, god did NOT write the bible. It was written by man, so don’t take everything it says word for word.

  19. @sdajkl

    Just curious… what is your position on abortion?

    The reason I ask is that I’ve noticed that most people who think animals = humans paradoxically believe that human babies have no rights at all, which places them below animals.

  20. I live in the desert. I appreciate nature, so my property is natural– filled with desert scrub and cacti. Because humans have decimated the natural predators, including coyotes, snakes, and predatory birds, the pack rat population is exploding.

    Pack rats carry disease, and parasites like so-called “kissing beetles.” Kissing beetles are blood suckers that find their way into people’s homes when pack rats build their nests nearby. Those bugs, in turn, carry pathogens that can make both humans and pets like dogs and cats sick.

    Not only that, pack rats do *millions* of dollars worth of physical damage each year. They chew holes in walls, and they gnaw their way into attics. They climb into engine compartments and, in an evening of chewing, can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to your car. (Ask me how I know.) They gnaw house wiring, leading to fires and the loss of both the structure and human lives.

    These creatures are vermin, and if every pack rat I had ever seen was skinned and turned in to a computer peripheral, I would dance a little jig with joy.

    In fact, were it not for the few remaining rattlesnakes, owls, and hawks that feed on them (animals for whom I have great sympathy) I would happily support the eradication of every rat in existence.

    Yes, this project is a little on the creepy side, and no, I would never have this on my work station. But it *is* funny, creative, and fundamentally no different than a deer head mounted to wall, or for that matter, a leather belt or shoe.

    If you don’t like the material HAD posts, then leave. If enough people leave, HAD will change their content.

    I for one will *not* leave. Too much good stuff here… even blinking LEDs and arduinos.

  21. I never use my laptop in public places but this would be totally worth getting kicked out of a coffee shop. I can totally see myself reaching into my latop bag and then going “aaaah! you little…!” and then taking it out and slamming it on the table a few times.

    Of course if I would have made the hack, it would also contain one of those little motors from an old cellphone so I can make it “randomly” move around a little bit, as if it’s not quite dead yet.

  22. Heh heh heh…

    This is a little creepy, but mostly because it still has the head.

    Reminds me of when I was in college and tossing around the idea of getting a small rc car, putting it into a skunk skin and then driving it around in the cafeteria during dinner. Could never figure out how to make sure nobody got trampled in the sure-to-ensue stampede though.

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