Update: Samsung TV Firmware Hacking

[Erdem] sent us an update on his work with the SamyGO project. You may remember this Samsung TV firmware hacking initiative from our post back in October. Since then many more TV models have been added to the compatible list. They have also worked out a way to defeat the AES encryption and RSA signature checking on the CI+ devices. Want to lend a hand? Take a look at the compatibility table on the main page and see if you have one of the TV models they need testers for. Otherwise, read the wiki, hit the downloads page, and unlock the hidden abilities of your boob tube.

31 thoughts on “Update: Samsung TV Firmware Hacking

  1. @Chris

    You haven’t been following TV news lately, have you? For starters, IIRC, this will unlock extra calibration menus for the TV that can boost the feature-set a little bit. More importantly, newer Sammy’s come with web-enabled widgets that run directly on the TV w/o need for a PC. If people can unlock the firmware for them, they can potentially program their own widgets and have the TV start to interact with the web for useful activities.

  2. the video feature is probably the most interesting to me anyway. lets say a widget could be developed to play videos from a nas or some other type of remote storage, bye bye WD media player.

  3. One nice feature looks to be to add NFS browsing. Why NFS over DLNA you ask? Well, besides the issue of perhaps your NAS only support NFS right now (Open Media Vault is coming but not out yet)…

    “* Via this method you can use features like FWD, RWD, PAUSE etc. ( which for some [wierd] reasons are lacking with DLNA )
    * Some Container Formats & Codecs appear as not supported via DLNA but work fine when opened via NFS

  4. I have a sammy tv, 1080p, and if you ever tried to play a PS2 or similiar older console on 1080p, then you know how bad it looks.

    This hack will allow me to make it so I have borders around the lower resolutions, then automaticly stretching them.

  5. i would really LOVE to try this, but I also don’t want to brick my brand new TV. I think I’ll stick with using my PS3 for my multimedia needs in the living room. That is until I can piece together an HTPC. Nice work though. It would be nice to see better widgets on my samsung since the only useful one for me was the weather.

  6. Hey guys, love this project, still looking forward to something of use coming out for it.

    As far as i can tell this project only applies to plasmas and LCD’s, i got a LED tv recently with the following firmware: T-CHL5DAUC-2001.1

    Looking forward to seeing USB supported movie playback on it :)


    Cheers guys

  7. Anybody know much about the main I2C bus on Samsung LED TV’s? I’m trying to snoop the I2C to get the config data for the audio amps on the board but I keep getting corrupted data (and it reboots the TV sometimes). Maybe this could be found in the firmware?

  8. I have updated my led tv with an incorrect firmware (i guess so because my does not work after that). Did anyone know a way to reset to the previous firmware? Take in mind that the tv right now does not recognize any command from the remote control, the tv turns on and off constantly by itself (i have to umpluged). Thanks in advance for your support.

  9. It liked to know if I can install firmware and software of the D7000 in the C7000. This because in the C7000, service SMART TV does not allow function SMART NET. If it will not be able, as I can have in the C7000, function SMART NET?

  10. Hi, I was wondering if there’s a way to make the samsung tv (7450 model 2013) dvr directly to its harddrive or an external hd. I’m new to mods like this, so if anyone has an idea or can walk me through it, I would appreciate it incredibly.

  11. I want to pass 5.1 dolby digital from my PS3 to my tv via HDMI then pass the 5.1 dolby to my av reviver from the TV via optical. the options will not allow me to do it is there a way to unlock the options and allow it. I am stuck with pcm 2.1 currently.

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