Mindstorm Plays Tetris For You

Obviously you’ve got too much hacking to do right now, but that game of Tetris isn’t going to play itself. [Branislav Kisacanin] has you covered with his Tetris-playing robot which is build with LEGO Mindstorm pieces. The setup is actually pretty complicated. A Texas Instruments DM6437 video development board watches the computer screen via a webcam and calculates the next move. It then outputs that to a grid of LEDs which the Mindstorm watches using a light sensor. See it in action after the break and then take some time to check out our other various Tetris based hacks.


8 thoughts on “Mindstorm Plays Tetris For You

  1. I’ve loved you guys for years and quite frankly I look forward to checking your site throughout the day for some great hacks, but lately I’ve been getting really tired of a quick blurb and a link to YouTube and then following it up with links to past hacks without any real content.
    Turn it into a story, give a link to the creators website or documentation, and if there isn’t any available, then link to some of the hardware they used or do 10 minutes of research and add some content.
    I remember back to the good old days when 90% of the stories were researched and had some actual content…
    Get back to your Hack-A-Day roots guys… come on.
    …don’t cry, I still love you :-)

  2. @constructive criticism While I don’t necessarily mind short posts, I have to agree with you that more in-depth ones are better. This is a much bigger issue for me than the percentage of posts which contain arduinos. Go long posts!
    Also, did anyone else think of the Nintendo R.O.B. when they saw this?

  3. I agree with the above. This is incredibly cool and I admire the creator for his ingenuity and creativity. I’d love to read more and get the details of the algorithm and how fast it can play.

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