CNC Tetris theme

Here is a nice video to wind down the day. It’s [neorazz]‘s micRo playing the theme from Tetris. The micRo is a simple CNC kit sold by the team at Lumenlabs. For more servo music, peruse our CNC category.

[Thanks grayson]


  1. vikki says:

    what no mario theme?

  2. Fry-kun says:

    boo, it’s off-key :(
    but still neat

  3. MattieShoes says:

    Some old scanners, I think HP, had a debug mode where they played Beethoven’s ode to joy. It was awesome. :-)

  4. Germ says:


    Good idea but sounds horribly mangled. My ears are bleeding.


  5. Lucas says:

    Not servo music. Stepper motor music.

  6. Tim says:

    This is one of my favorite CNC tunes :-) But it sounds like something went horribly wrong in the conversion process. Here is a rendition of the Tetris music with some less flat notes.

    If you google ‘mid2cnc’, there is a script now that will convert polyphonic midi to a list of g-code vectors.

    (Yes, and @vikki: there is a Mario theme!:

  7. Andrew says:

    Yup, stepper music, not servo. I love stepper tones.

  8. Ziggit says:

    Yea, I have to agree, that was totally off key and thus really really hard to listen to

  9. cptfalcon says:

    Korobeiniki > mario

  10. Benny M says:

    Ow my ears

  11. GaryC says:

    @MattieShoes, I had a scanner that did that. It also came with a little command line app that worked like QBasic’s play function, so it could play other tunes too :) I wish I could remember what make and model it was :(

  12. Chris_C says:

    oh god, oh no…. mercy! enough!! enough of the cnc music this one is *especially* bad…

  13. Adam Ziegler says:
  14. cali says:

    Cool! Keep it up!

  15. neorazz says:

    it was a quick rendition just to wear in the machine i didnt ever imagine it would be on hackaday (my lifelong goal this week btw).
    so excuse the roughness or buy a micro and program it to do better =) and if you check you tube the mario test is on there also

  16. RicoElectrico says:

    Aaaaaaw!! my ears!

  17. cotmm says:

    so it’s kind of a cnc music factory, eh?

  18. Adam Ziegler says:

    everybody dance now

  19. Pouncer says:

    makes the cats in the alley at night seem melodious.

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