Apod, An Update


Apod walks!  If you recall, last year we discovered Apod, the creepy lifelike hexapod creation made by [Zenta]. At that point in time, it basically just shifted around nicely but didn’t do much walking. Well, [Zenta] has been hard at work since then and now Apod is fully active, walking, running, and serving drinks with smooth motion. Want to learn more about how his inverse kinematics work? Check out this thread.

[thanks Weaz]

33 thoughts on “Apod, An Update

  1. Wow… it look s almost alive now, like he’s randomized some of the movements a bit. They’re not as precise it seems, but it’s just friggin awesome to see a mechanical ant carrying a box and have it actually look like an ant. This is some really good stuff, the other bots aside. =)

  2. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any creepier…

    I’m looking forward to seeing these things upgraded to a size that can carry a person or two. Would like to see an 8 legged version as well. This is an incredible project!

  3. The inverse kinematics link didn’t really give a lot of information… what’s he using on the PC to control this thing? that is one amazing robot, both from a build quality and a control standpoint!

  4. Where can I get one, and how much. XD

    This is absolutely amazing, reminds me of the replicators from SG-1. Inverse Kinematics is a really cool tool to play with, though I’ve only used it in Poser for model position, being able to position a part and let the algorithm figure out the motions necessary, THAT is cool.

  5. Like Gregory, I don’t comment much here, but that is quality! I expected to hear it roar when it pressed forwards (you know, as ants do lol). Absolute quality!

  6. @vonskippy

    Actually, I think it’s just the later portions shot at 4x. It’s pretty quick. Though I would like to see it try differing terrain like short grass and negoiating small stairs/curbs

  7. First of all:
    Wow how many creepy robots does have?
    where is the spider-brain attached to it?

    Amazing job wish i could do something half as cool as that,bravo.

  8. Well, I for one..!
    This was really amazing work! I haven’t seen the other pods before either.

    Now, scale the T-Hex up so it can carry a person and immobile/handicapped people will take over the Earth!

  9. Absolutely beautiful.

    -and just at the point in the video when I’m thinking, “put a camera on it!” there ya go.

    I’m disappointed that we couldn’t see the on-board camera’s view or the ‘bots going through different kinds of terrain, but on the other hand, WOW!!

    Incredibly cool!

  10. Nice, but needs some work
    1) electromagnets on feet to scale metal objects
    2) head mounted camera with object recognition
    3) speeech recognition either onboard, or on the remote controller
    4) scorpion tale with bottle opener

    Ordering your robot to go fetch you a nice cold beer from the fridge. Priceless.

  11. give me one thats 2x bigger, I drink 40oz’s. Or get one that 5-8x bigger , kegs are heavy and I could use some AI and GPS so I could ride it home from the party.

    No more Bucking Bulls @ the salon, now there will be bucking Hexapods.

  12. Fit that thing out with some light armor plating, a fuel cell powered by processed organic matter and an instatiable hunger for human flesh, and thats one of my nightmares come to life…

  13. omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg…

    Firstly, HAD can thank thank this things maker as THE single reason why I read HAD once a day.

    I saw the first video and it gave me goosebumps seeing how it moved. I waited, and waited, and waited for him to update us with his improvements on the walking as it was pretty rough in the first video. It seemed he got distracted by other projects and sadly I thought he had moved on.

    Seeing this has just made my day. Its the sole reason I am trying to build a CNC machine, the sole reason why I have begun reading datasheets, manuals and literature on EE.

    I got goose bumps seeing it walk.


  14. Absolutely amazing. It moves so smoothly, it almost looks CGI. I agree with other posts that say they want to see it traverse different types of terrain. I look forward to seeing more progress!

  15. I for one welcome our new ant overlords.

    This thing seriously needs a voicebox for growling and howling.

    One day he will get a knock at the door from the government asking if he would like to build these as military weapons. It’s only a matter of time.

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