Power cycling a problematic modem

[Gigawatts] struggled against a shoddy Internet connection for quite some time. Changing modems, having the line serviced, and spending far too much time on the phone didn’t do any good. In fact, the only thing that fixed the problem was power cycling the modem once it stopped responding. His solution was to automate the power cycling process. He added a cron task to his router which is running DD-WRT, a favorite firmware alternative for hacked routers. The script monitored the WAN connection and when it went down it would toggle one of the serial port pins. He whipped up an outlet box with a relay in it and used that serial pin to cut the power going to the modem. A workaround yes, but it was the only thing that brought an end to his frustration.

53 thoughts on “Power cycling a problematic modem

  1. Is there a way to mod the original fonera version to take into account the lag time from the router as well and reboot when it reaches a certain “high”? My roadrunner gets slower and slower the longer its been since a reboot.

  2. I’m using a fonera 2201 but the unused usb LED pad is GPIO 3)

    I’m having trouble with the sh script that pings the outside server. I changed it so it wouldn’t be logging the resets. I can manually telnet in and ping the server, but no matter what the script makes the relay trip. can anyone with sh script experience help me? Thanks

    x=’ping -c1 2>&1 | grep 100%’
    if [ ! “$x” = “” ]; then
    gpio enable 3; echo 1 > /proc/gpio/3_dir; sleep 3; echo 0 > /proc/gpio/3_dir;

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