DroidX Gets A Custom Recovery Image

[Birdman] has managed to push a custom recovery image to the DroidX. This previously impossible action opens the doors to all kinds of fun hacking. While you can’t just drop a custom Rom on the phone right now, this is the first step in making that happen. You can find the directions in the post, but they’ve got a while to go before they become as easy as something like a jailbreak.

[via phandroid]

18 thoughts on “DroidX Gets A Custom Recovery Image

  1. Good news, as I am not about to abandon my current Droid for an X or Droid 2 unless I have the same level of software-freedom as I do now.

    My overclocked Droid already performs on par with the Droid X/2, so I need a pretty compelling reason to put out the cash for new hardware.

  2. @MS3FGX Same here. I’m using cyanogenmod on my Droid and I love it. I can do wifi tether now with it, which makes it fun to play around with ‘man in the middle’ attacks.

    The only thing the X has that I want is HDMI out and the gigantic screen. Other than that im content with my Droid’s hackability.

  3. @Heatgap/Ho0d0o Can you get your Exchange calendar on your cyanogenmodded phone? I had to restore my Droid to stock because I couldn’t find a way to load the “Corporate Calendar” app on the modded phone.

  4. @niglou

    Obviously you have never been involved in a hacking community, there are several stages that lead up to the complete hacking of a phone or any device, and running a custom image is one of those stages. Also your poor spelling and grammar lead me to believe that you are as uneducated in English as you are in the area of hacking.

  5. “Another populer device hacked..reverse engineering didn’t exist before the iphone XD”

    Did anyone else LOL at this?

    Posted at 8:25 pm on Aug 11th, 2010 by Aaron

    Yes as a matter of fact i did!!!

  6. @Aaron: I was just poking fun :p

    Apparently fuzzing and using stack overflows to dump then reverse on ARM is cooler when it’s on a device used by people who have no idea how the tech works only that it’s expensive and reflects status in society.

    If you look at any of these new cellphone jailbreaking and reversing scenes, it’s the same mentality as the warez scene..people are interested cause they are getting free stuff, and the hackers are interested because the consumers show fake interest in their work because of the assets.

    There is stuff a lot harder even on x86 if it was just about hacking and reversing.

  7. Is this the same mrweeeeeedbirdman that rooted the device?

    I HATE the droid for one reason: Verizon has brainwashed everyone into thinking Droid and Android are interchangeable terms.
    It’s a cool phone, but my nexus runs circles around it :P. And once the GalaxyS gets FroYo, it’ll run laps around my nexus. Hell, they’re already out-benchmarking the nexus on Eclair…

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