Analog Style LED Clock

Almost named this LED analog clock, like others have... the first comment would have corrected us.

We spied this pretty LED clock this morning and were impressed with how cleanly it was constructed. It was built to mimic an analog clock, so you have the typical hour markings and a minute and hour hand. The minute hand stays in each position for roughly 2 to 3  minutes. The brains behind all those LEDs are a PIC 16f877 with a DS1307 realtime clock. Over all, [WellyBoot] soldered 169 LEDs into place, and did it in a nice clean fashion. We suspect that if we had done it, it would resemble a spaghetti pile. You can see the schematics and build pictures on his site, or watch a video of it in action after the break.

[via HackedGadgets]


17 thoughts on “Analog Style LED Clock

  1. Would this effect be achieved more easily by simply putting LEDs on the hands of an actual traditional clock and simply mounting the clock behind the front plate there? Don’t get me wrong, it’s an impressive hack, just sayin…

  2. @localroger – in theory you could put several contact points on the board with positive voltages so each time the hands hit a contact point it lights up the LEDs on the hands by grounding out through the motor shaft.

    But that’s just silly. ;-)

    I agree. Better without real hands.

  3. Multi colour leds would double the wiring, the second hand is small because it moves every 2-3 seconds which just looked naff with a big hand, V2 of the clock has no second hand at all and i think it looks better

  4. Wellyb00t
    when is the v3 completed? i can’t wait to have a look on v3,and i would like to build one too.
    Are u going to u publish the hex code? :D
    U really did a great job on virtual clock.

  5. I built a six digit Nixie tube digital clock in high school. It buzzed with the high voltage and was probably a fire hazard but it was pretty cool. The year was 1975. It was expensive too. hundreds of dollars.

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