LEGO Host For All Of Your Prototyping Projects

[Deadbird] decided to use a LEGO 8880 Super Car as a host for all of his electronic tinkering. Throughout his blog (translated) you’ll find the vehicle with an Arduino MEGA interfacing various prototyping bits. It starts with the motors for locomotion, closely followed by a servo for steering. From there we see the addition of a breadboard and graphic LCD screen. So far he’s worked out the use of a PS2 keyboard as a controller and, most recently he’s interfaced a Wii Nunchuck.

We’re more used to seeing NXT kits adapted for wider use, but if you’ve got a nice kit like this one it makes a great base onto which you can add your own robotic elements.

7 thoughts on “LEGO Host For All Of Your Prototyping Projects

  1. This set is indeed legendary. i got one years ago when i saw it in a lego catalog and just had to have it. i bet i still have all the parts to it. somewhere along the line i bought a 3rd axel worth of parts off bricklink and have a rather ugly, yet pretty badass 6×6 rover, with telepresence via camera turret (controlled with my trackir). should probibly submit it.

    my biggest problem with the lego nxt is its size and weight. using it for a vehicle control scheme is problematic. i have an arduino and a breadboard in a reverse trike i made from my nxt set’s parts. it can haul too. using the nxt essentially cuts the speed in half.

  2. Extra props if he can get the (4speed?) gearbox under control ;)

    I always drooled after one of these as a kid. Now I am older, have my own money and use of a website known as “eBay”. Thanks for spending my money for me hackaday! ;)

  3. Awesome!

    Bought one of those things from my colleague for 20€. Of course some parts are missing and the white ones got some yellow touch because of standing near a window. Now i know what i could try doing with it :D

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