3D Digital Light Art Using IPad And Camera Trickery

This light art is created by a moving display playing an animated image through several camera exposures. In this case the display they’re using is an iPad, but that really doesn’t matter as it’s just a high-quality screen and it’s portable. 3D animations are generated in software and then sliced into cross sections. As the camera rolls, the cross sections are displayed in order and the location of the screen is moved. Very much like light painting with an LED or a Roomba, the bright image remains and can be strung together for the 3D effect seen in the video after the break.

Using the cross sections of the video reminds us of what a three-dimensional object looks like to a two-dimensional being. If you have no idea what that means you should take a look at this video on imagining the tenth dimension.


[Thanks Ferdinand via Flabber]

11 thoughts on “3D Digital Light Art Using IPad And Camera Trickery

  1. I saw this video a few days ago. Its a neat idea, but it can be improved upon.

    Use a device with an amoled or super amoled screen so there is no ghostly effect. Second, use one of those nifty mri scan videos they have on youtube. I would do it myself with my Samsung Vibrant but alas my camera won’t do very long exposures.

    Personally I would just do an image, but to do a whole video like that would be a pain.

  2. @osgeld :)
    @Hackius yes, a retina screen quality hologram!
    @kristian I image a 5 directional camera setup will be good to capture the holograms. It will be awesome when we can talk to a hologram and see them holding the hologram of us.

    Here is the 3DPOV effect with some animation going on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SrOYjIXc8s still not fully POV yet. However, I downloaded Ciema4D and am working on it.

    More info and concepts here:

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