PS3 Jailbreak – Now In Apple Flavor!

Image courtesy of DanyL of psx-scene

The newest member of the PS3 jailbreaking tool crowd is the iPod family. More specifically, iPods running the open source media firmware Rockbox. Even better news, theoretically it should be possible to use this same method on any MP3 player running the Rockbox software. Right now the exploit package only works on select generations of the iPod Nano and iPod Classic line, but if the trend set by the PSX-scene forums continues, it would be worth checking back in the near future if your device is not already supported. Thanks to [shuffle2] for providing the hack, and [DanAdamKOF] for the heads up.

If Apple isn’t your device of choice, you can also check out some of your other jailbreaking options.

23 thoughts on “PS3 Jailbreak – Now In Apple Flavor!

  1. Alright, so first it was an expensive dongle. Then it was a cheap USBTiny. Then the Ti 84 that quite a few people have, now a popular electronic device that lots of people have.

    What next? PS3 jailbreak with a microwave?

  2. They also have this ps3 hack for a bunch of android phones and a palm phone if im not mistaken, as well as the arduino duemillanove. Get with the program hackaday this article is like a week old! And n3o is right, has been putting all this stuff up.

  3. @Josh, This was ported to the iPod on the 24th, how is this a week old? How dare you insult my submission (joking).

    BTW I would like to see a WRT router use some hardcore bitbanging and become the next jailbreak device :)

  4. FW 3.50 kills the buffer overflow in the descriptor this uses. Luckily SCE has ported code for most of the stuff in the XMB full of exploitable memory corruptions and there is no page protection.

    This is just a bunch of leeches altering other peoples work though and not trying to use it for anything but piracy. Probably why people with talent couldnt care less about game consoles.

  5. Hi I’m interested in USB jailbreaking
    I have an itouch 3rd gen it’s jailbroken
    What I would like to know if I would be able to use the terminal or any kind of way (noob)
    ex. Itouch as USB mass storage ps3 = jailbreak

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