PlayStation 3 exploit using a TI84 calculator

[Brandon Wilson] came up with a way to exploit the Play Station using a TI84 calculator. This uses the same PSGroove open source code that we looked at last week. That package was running on the Teensy, which is currently sold out (we’d guess because people want to run the exploit). There’s a video demonstration of this new trick after the break. The calculator connects via a USB A to USB mini-B cable which comes with the calculator and is also used to charge the PS3 controllers. Once the connection is made, launch the software on the calculator, power cycle the PS3, and turn it on with the familiar power-eject button presses. The only problem with the system is that the calculator needs to be connected every time you boot.

[Thanks Scott]


  1. Mr_Bishop says:

    Now thats a hack, I’m sad that the teensy is sold out though; I was planning on getting one of these bad boys. :(

  2. HackerK says:

    Very smart!

  3. Serge says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  4. pencilneck says:

    But didn’t the latest forced firmware update from Sony kill this hack?

  5. biozz says:

    if i owned a PS3 i would do this in a second … but im a PC boi

  6. antipode says:

    This is a few days old. The same hack applies to several phones as well, including the Pre. This also won’t work on the brand new mandatory 3.42 firmware pushed out a few nights ago.

  7. Josh says:

    I actually found myself forced to buy a calculator for school, so i got the ti-84 just so i could do this with it as well. Wont be long before theres an explosion of homebrew, and when there is, ill be there in the middle of it :D

  8. mungewell says:

    Sweet hack. Free World 1 – Sony 0!

    I don’t own a PS3, but anyone know whether Sony _really_ fixed the issue or just did a quick fudge?

    Are we now in the season of cat and mouse with hackers vs. Sony?

  9. hurf says:


    its only mandatory if you connect to/wish to use PSN

  10. jamieriddles says:

    How awesome would this have been if it came out first, before the previous exploits?

  11. Decius says:

    I like the fact it can run linux, that a lone is all I would really need.

    Not sure if this enables linux on the slim as well, if so I will pick one up now.

  12. FaSMaN says:

    I personally still prefer the PIC18f2550 hex that was released a few days ago its a lot cheaper and can be done in 30 mins or less if you have a pic programer handy or 90mins max if you have to build one from scratch.

    PS heres a vid of it

  13. Punkguyta says:


  14. spyder_21 says:

    Some games require you to use the internet to update your trophy list.

  15. Gfire says:

    I havent upgraded because of the other os thing. And I would be tempted to do this since Sony ::censored:: me without a kiss. But I wont. But I got to tell ya I love that someone is doing them how they did me.

  16. orly says:

    @mungewell more of a quick fix, it disables usb ports at boot,

  17. Nate says:

    he’s smart enough to be able to run a jailbreak off of a calculator but yet hooks a ps3 to an hdtv with composite cable
    i will never truly understand our planet and some of the people on it

  18. Wakaru says:

    I wonder if anybody has thought of using a PSP running CFW for the same purpuse, this is, for replicating the Jailbreak Hack.

  19. badpixel says:

    The PS3 schematics were also leaked a couple weeks ago so the ps3 is pretty much wide open at this point. The schematic covers everything from pinouts of individual chips to board traces.

    Apparently a service center didn’t properly protect their servers and someone downloaded the pdf files.

    I see a lot of potential hardware hacks for the ps3 and not related to piracy, but more as a general purpose interface for temp sensors, CNC and more using some of the internal buses.

  20. n2o_skillz says:

    @Nate haha, but i quess the point was to show it is that ps3 he was breaking.

    Anyways great hack!

  21. I love these “I have did it just because we can” type hacks.


  22. Clueless_Being says:

    hes got a Dreamcast! The other videogames there are more common but the dreamcast, not so much.

  23. Doc says:

    Ok. That’s pretty cool, but does anyone know how to hack a ti81 calculator with a ps3. That would be something to see.

  24. Doc says:

    What about hacking my toaster using the kettle?

  25. Cesar says:
  26. Cesar says:

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