Artisans Asylum Takes On The Machine

You’ll probably lose your appetite after watching part one and part two of Artisans Asylum as they Take on the Machine. Based around the Wallace and Gromit “automated” set of contraptions, the team from Boston set out to make their own breakfast machine. Of course, with only three weeks to work it didn’t exactly turn out as planned. They certainly had some good ideas though, and we were amazingly impressed at their egg cracking machine. But in the end, we wouldn’t want to be first in line for a plate of breakfast. Next is the final team, The Transistor, who will be making a live action zombie video game.

[Thanks Deven]

6 thoughts on “Artisans Asylum Takes On The Machine

  1. @userzero
    I was waiting for someone to say that XD

    I’m liking the pancake mechanism, but still feel they could have done alot better, but I guess the majority of them just did it over the weekends or whenever they weren’t working, damn jobs spoiling our fun :P.

  2. @neoraz: Yep. That was intentional; if failure is part of the plan, the plan cannot help but succeed.

    @Limey: Yep, we were running fast and low budget, and also we don’t just have day jobs, we have nine thousand square feet of shop to build out and twenty classes a month to schedule, market, and teach. With some tuning, though, I think it would have worked fine; the one side it did cook actually looked pretty good, and I thought the double use of the second pan for eggs was very clever.

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