LEGO Wah-wah Pedal

Here’s a guitar wah-wah pedal that [Christian Munk] built. Inside you’ll find a circuit board that he etched and populated based on this design but he chose to build the housing out of LEGO. The video after the break gives you an idea of what it sounds like, but for those who’ve stepped on a LEGO piece with bare feet, his pedal pounding might make you cringe!

To manipulate the sound the pedal rocks forward and backward on a center pivot shown above as a grey “nut” sticking out the side of the frame. Inside there’s a system of LEGO gears that turn a trimpot to alter the sound. This might go along nicely with that guitar amp you hacked together.


9 thoughts on “LEGO Wah-wah Pedal

  1. Probably close to (if not the) best musical talent we’ve seen on HaD. The lego enclosure is novel, but I think he’s barefoot for a reason; I’m betting it would break (or at the least get gross) if he wore shoes while using it. So that kind of keeps it away from any kind of stage use.

  2. That “nut” is called a bushing in Lego parlance.

    Also, I echo @vonskippy’s comment about making real enclosures. If this one was just to make sure the circuit worked, that’s fine, but this won’t last through many performances and should be replaced with something more durable (@ehrichweiss’ idea sounds pretty good; I’d go with that if I couldn’t hack something I had or make one from scratch).

  3. I wonder what the chances of someone like vonskippy ever doing anything at all involving either tools or creativity. Curios von, why even bother commenting here like you do? Please answer.

  4. Not everyone has room for a fully kitted out workshop and not everyone can afford all the required tools to stock one.

    Also if you are just tinkering for fun, it would be stupid to go out and buy metal or wood working kit just for your first few projects.

  5. If you glue the pieces together and build it with real-world use in mind, there’s no reason why this wouldn’t last a while…with care.

    What kind of glue you ask? I have no idea, but I bet someone will.

    The plastic will chip and break eventually, but that “road patina” might make it even cooler!

    People get so disdainful over such innocent projects.

    -and yeah that was a pretty good groove there too.

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