Amarino Makes Android Controlled Robots A Snap

[Lucas Fragomeni] is controlling this robot using the accelerometer on his Android phone (translated). He could have gone through our Android tutorials and developed a custom application but he took the shorter route and used Amarino, an ‘Android meets Arduino’ toolkit, to do it for him. [Lucas] combined an Arduino, a BlueSMiRF Bluetooth modem, and two servo motors to build his robot. Amarino lets him connect to that Bluetooth modem and send sensor data over the connection. In this case it’s only the accelerometer that he chose to use, but he could have gone with the touchscreen, or any other sensor the handheld has to offer. Using this code package got him up and running quickly, only requiring that he writes his own code to turn the received signals into servo motor control routines. See it in action after the break.


5 thoughts on “Amarino Makes Android Controlled Robots A Snap

  1. Sure he could have used tutorials… its just they never got to the bluetooth part like they mentioned they would… I’ve played a bit with Amarino myself, but haven’t found it terribly useful for what I wanted. I ended up using google’s bluetooth chat example to build my application. I’m eventually going to make it into a hyperterminal capable of sending and receiving hex and then posting the app and source code for free, that should help robot guys out as well.

  2. Hi, looks great, could you post your arduino sketch, I am not sure how to sink the accelerometer sensor info within the arduino sketch. Any pointers would be great. Thanks.

  3. HI..
    nice one…
    I was searching for this kind of thing.

    Can anyone help me on how to interface mobile phone(Galaxy S) and microcontroller wirelessly, just like he did.


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