Daft Punk Module – Just Add Table

This is just an 8×8 LED matrix, but the size and execution make it look marvelous. [Michu] built this module using foam board dividers to separate the cells, a foam board back to host the 64 RGB LEDs, and a sheet of heavy frost diffusion gel that is a stage lighting product. The display is driven by a Rainbowduino with input from a processing sketch. The effects seen in the video after the break are quite pleasing, and are just begging to be installed in your next coffee table project.

13 thoughts on “Daft Punk Module – Just Add Table

  1. @macona
    Daft Punk has always been an adjective. It’s a sub-genre of Punk, just because somebody uses it for the name of their music..doesn’t make it any less of a description or genre. So yes, it actually is.

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