Overclocked ATmega32 Gaming

With more pixels and more objects to track you’re going to need to get that AVR running pretty fast to get the job done. But [Vladutz2000] figured why stop at 16 MHz when you can overclock an ATmega32 to 27 MHz for a faster gaming experience?

This build may not be as colorful as Super Pixel Bros, but choosing a KS0108 graphic LCD certainly brings a lot more definition to the images. You can see in the video after the break that the AVR does an excellent job of generating and animating multiple objects. It doesn’t take much to put this together yourself but if you want the board layout done for you, you’re out of luck. The hardware for the project is installed on a PCB that was hand-drawn with an etch resist marker.

[via Dangerous Prototypes]

11 thoughts on “Overclocked ATmega32 Gaming

  1. pfft. I OC’d my atmega8 (liquid cooled of course)to 3.2 GHz via the clock from a old Cedar Mill Pentium 4 I had in the closet.

    Had to use a Cedar Mill b/c I’m Amish and all. Technicalities…

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