The Nintendo Entertainment System is by far the most popular 8 bit post crash video game system. Therefore, the NES gets all sorts of mods and hacks done with it, but there is not a whole bunch of noise for its bigger badder 16 bit brother the Super Nintendo. Have no fear though [Vigo the Carpathian] (I did not know it was the season of evil!) helps to correct that in his first Instructable, turning a SNES into an all in one classic video game player.

Using the shell of a Super Nintendo the bottom half includes ZOTAC IONITX-C-U mini ITX motherboard, and a dual SNES controller port to USB that fits in the original openings to use the real deal controllers. A USB port is also mounted for some wireless dual shock action.

On the top half, the eject button, and cartridge slot flaps have been removed and speaker grill cloth was added to provide venting. Near the back of the unit, SD-card to SATA adapter provides storage, which we think is a good idea for cheap SSD storage. Micro switches are also rigged up so that the original power and reset buttons control the same computer functions.

Clean looks, small form factor, join us after the break for a quick video.


14 thoughts on “SNES To PC

  1. I do it myself! years ago!.

    There are several “cosmetic” things you can do to the interface to go dark in the loading times, to don’t show any windows frames etc.

    I was fun to do it.

    BUDA20 Argentina.

  2. A while back, HaD featured a SNES cart to USB flash drive adapter. You plugged in the cart, and the adapter showed up as a USB storage device with the ROM on it. This mod needs one of those, fitted perfectly into the cart slot on the case. :)

  3. Aside from the incorrect aspect ratio on almost all the games (god that’s a pet peeve…), pretty awesome build.

    How is the N64 emulation quality? I never really bothered looking into it much since it seemed fraught with problems and didn’t really have development backing. Where we at now?

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