Bass Hero Combines Guitar Hero With Dance Dance Revolution


Standing up to play Dance Dance Revolution type games is sooooo much work. Thankfully, [Jebadiah0001] is taking the strenuous exercise component out of the game by altering a guitar controller to play dancing games.

He’s calling it Bass Hero because the DDR games only use four inputs, reducing the guitar controller to four string buttons like an electric bass would have. His implementation uses a GameCube controller to connect to the console. He took it apart to get at the button connections. Each string button on the guitar is connected on one side to a button on the GC controller, the other side is a common connection. But instead of pulling those straight to ground, he routes that signal through the strumming actuator. This way the player can get the correct buttons ready, then strum at just the right time to complete the circuit.

It certainly makes the harder levels of DDR quite a bit easier. See for yourself in the video after the break.


[Thanks Luke]

12 thoughts on “Bass Hero Combines Guitar Hero With Dance Dance Revolution

  1. to the guy who posted videos under mine, the concept of the thing was a good idea, so kudos for that, but the real work was modifying the guitar and the gamecube controller. i didn’t just use a usb converter.

  2. Combine with a head motion sensor (head bang mode, or closed-eyes-and-head-nodding detection) and a single floor sensor (jump up and down mode, to be combined with said head motion sensor) then you can play like a real bass player. Which reminds me of a joke:
    Q:What do you call a bass player without a girlfriend?
    A: Homeless.

  3. ^^sweet, we could put the physical componenet back in the game lol

    i know you were joking, but the point of the mod wasn’t to simulate the bass-playing experience as accurately as possible. which is also not the point of regular guitar hero (if it was, the *plinked* that up pretty badly)

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