Nintenduo Stuffs An NES And SNES In The Same Case

[lovablechevy] loves her Retro Duo console, especially since it takes up less space than the NES and SNES it has replaced. There’s a small problem though: the Retro Duo isn’t 100% compatible with her old Nintendo cartridges. Battletoads is a deal breaker for her, so she built Nintenduo, an NES/SNES console that uses all original Nintendo hardware.

The Queen of Bondo began her project with a top-loading NES and the smaller revision of the SNES. There’s a Photobucket gallery showing the innards lovingly placed in their new plastic home.

Not only can [lovablechevy] play classics like Paperboy, Donkey Kong Country, and the Super Mario RPG that are incompatable with the Retro Duo, all the accessories like the Zapper and Power Pad now work.

The finished build is very small; not much bigger than an SNES 2, and is nearly dwarfed by the gigantic NES cartridges. She posted a video of herself trying not to shoot the stupid Duck Hunt dog with her Nintenduo. Check it out after the break.


26 thoughts on “Nintenduo Stuffs An NES And SNES In The Same Case

  1. it would be nice if she made an adapter that could be plugged into the ends of the controllers so she only had two controller ports. But she could also have used a pic to read the shift registers for a snes controller and converted them so the nes could use the input. either way, great hack! Look forward to seeing more from her.

    1. you’re right. i could have easily made it for only 1 set of controller ports. but i did not want 1 set of controller ports. i wanted the nes controller ports in there so that i don’t have to go making/finding an nes to snes adapter. besides, this ensures 100% full compatibility with all nes accessories. :)

  2. Great hack! Really clean looking finished product. I had a Gen NEX, but sold it due to the incompatibility problems. I know, it was only a few games, but it took me out of the experience of just enjoying them.
    This reminds me of the stuff Ben Heck does. He always uses original hardware, and always makes the end product look like a production build. I may try this if I can get my hands on the hardware

  3. I’ve never really researched it, but does anyone know if the 65C816 Ricoh 5A22, used in the SNES, byte-compatible with the 6502 Ricoh 2A03, used in the NES? Of course there’d be hardware differences to take care of.

      1. i actually purchase the paper myself and make them on my printer. so they are all made by me. it’s inkjet water slide paper. i have it in clear and white depending on the situation. easy to make, easy to apply. :)

  4. Now if only someone can hack up the SNES hardware to use the SNES 65C816 processor in 6502 compatibility mode to run the NES games. I think it can be done, and it would be just super cool.

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