Geared System Adds RFID To Regular Door Locks

[Flowolf] added an auto-locking RFID entry system to his front door. He used our favorite fabrication system, acrylic and threaded rod (we also like to throw in aluminum angle bracket from time to time). The support structure mounts underneath the escutcheon plate for the lockset, keeping the main acrylic sheet flat against the door.

An RFID reader and Arduino run the system, with a button inside to unlock the door. But if power were to fail, you will still be able to get in or out manually. When you are using the electronic system, a stepper motor connected to the geared lock knob by a chain is what grants access, then revokes it again five seconds later. The wire going up out of the this image is for a switch that lets the unit sense when the door is closed.

As shown in the video after the break, you can turn the auto-lock feature off. But we’d like to see an emergency entry feature, like a knock-based lock, because eventually you will leave without your keys!

13 thoughts on “Geared System Adds RFID To Regular Door Locks

    1. someone did a project like this using a parallax spinneret mini web server and his cellphone which is much more secure and allows to remotely lock or unlock and doesn’t require keys (who leaves without a phone?)

  1. Nice basic build, but I wonder why the door closed door close sensor isn’t on the door edged closest to the electronics. A lot of redesign to make it worthy on being on the interior side of the door IMO.Use the Arduino to program a microprocessor that will take up residence on a home shopped PCB board that also contains the motor motors driver, and RFID circuitry as well. Along with locating or building a more compact actuator for th door look. And relocate that closed door switch. No doubt a sleek compact unit could be constructed, but I’m just only speaking to my tastes. Man that’s some thick insulation on the garage side of the door. Here where I live that would serve well in both Winter, and Summer

  2. That’s exactly what I want to do with my front door – only with the motor mounted inside so it’s not so ugly. I’ve already got some lighting and garage door under control, so the electronics is easy. (Probably go with 13.56MHz RFID so I can use my Galaxy Nexus as the key.) The mechanics of operating a front door with multi-point locking might be more of a problem.

  3. Do you people not understand prototyping and just doing shit for kicks or to gain an understanding of the mechanics and implementation of a thing? Go buy your pre-made electronics and leave the creating of them to us the actual creators and take your lazy asses elsewhere please. Awesome first iteration actually looks pretty cool to me. Are you using the hinges as the basis for the door closed sensor?

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