Board Lets You Know When To Hold ’em; Know When To Fold ’em

Don’t mind me, I’m just listening to some tunes during our poker game. Well, that and getting some electronic coaching about poker odds. This board lets you wiggle your toes to input the upcards, and those in your hand. After each entry the gadget will tell you your odds of winning the hand. Take it easy with this kind of stuff, if Rounders was at all realistic, getting caught cheating is a painful mistake.

The thing we find interesting about the system is that it doesn’t use a stored odds database. Instead, the Propeller chip runs a simulation of 1000 hands of poker based on the cards you have entered and uses the results to calculate the odds. [Nick] says that this runs quickly because he’s using multiple cores for the calculations, and it cuts down on the data that the device needs to have on board. Right now the feedback uses a text-to-speech generated voice, but you can customize the audio clips if you’d like. Check out a demo of the device in the clip after the break.

Not looking to get the beat down for cheating? Here’s a poker tournament timer that we assure you is on the up-and-up.

[vimeo w=470]

8 thoughts on “Board Lets You Know When To Hold ’em; Know When To Fold ’em

  1. Anyone who get’s pissy over an odds calculator needs to leave poker.

    Everyone else at the table probably can spit more accurate odds off the top of their head and it’s a given at least one of them can quote Doyle Brunson’s Bible verbatim.

    Nobody get’s pissy over poker bots online because all they do is take money from bad players. The good players make money off of them because they play predictably and fold easily to bluffs. Their betting patterns are predictable. Similarly, blackjack is the game where devices like this are useful.

    Poker is a game for people where the odds are assumed, and if someone needs a smartphone app to find them then the sharks are perfectly willing for the fish to give away tells while they wait for the computer to tell them what to think.

    This isn’t cheating, it’s crutches for people too lazy to walk. It’s flippers for people who never learned to swim.

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