Printing custom whistles for everyone at your RepRap conference

When [Josef Prusa] speaks at a conference extolling the virtues of 3D printing, he likes to give out printed objects to show off the possibilities home-brew fabrication. A favorite of [Prusa] are whistles – they’re functional and show off exactly what a 3D printer can do. Printing out hundreds of whistles is a job for a factory and not a printer, so [Prusa] decided to customize each whistle with the initials of a conference attendee.

When [Prusa] was asked to attend the INFOTRENDY conference in Bratislava, he had a small audience (only 150 people) and a list of all the attendees a week before hand. It was the perfect scenario to whip up a Python script to generate the models for a whistle with the initials of each attendee emblazoned on the side.

The WhistleGen code is up on [Prusa]’s GitHub ready to print out custom whistles for your next conference. While the capabilities of WhistleGen are limited to just two letters of text, we’re sure someone will figure out a way to automate the generation custom conference badges very shortly.

See the example he sent us after the break.

6 thoughts on “Printing custom whistles for everyone at your RepRap conference

  1. Oh, please, please not you too hackaday? Please say that I’m just imagining seeing one of those internet meme cartoon characters in this site ? Tell me hackaday is not becoming like one of those “funny” sites ?

    1. It’s from Prusa’s blog. I needed a short and wide pic for this post, so guess what I cropped.

      I think we did a LulzSec post that used the same meme, but then again that was the mascot for LulzSec.

  2. Sadly the meme is a particularly pervasive creature. It will and in most cases has spread to all corners of the internet.

    What most people sadly do not realise, is they are about as funny as brain cancer and twice as harmfull to the human mind.

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