Triangle-grid LED Display

[Dearmash] put together this RGB LED display using triangles for each pixel. It’s an interesting deviation from the traditional grid layout. There are two video demos after the break. The first is a plasma-style pattern generated in Processing. The second is a spinning color wheel which would be perfect if synchronized with your Photoshop color spinner.

So the physical build is done, and now [Dearmash] is looking for a purpose for the device (isn’t that always the way it happens?). He mentions that the triangular layout looks cool, but makes text display almost impossible. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this work? Right off the bat we could see side-scrolling a font similar to the Metallica logo’s M and A. Bu there must be some way to group these pixels together into readable characters. If you always use an upward and downward pointed triangle on the same row as a pixel it makes a parallelogram which would be used to display italicization characters.

17 thoughts on “Triangle-grid LED Display

  1. single unit directional sign, maybe?

    weather radar display?

    Game spinner? Place a pointer on one corner, increase the spinning speed, have a “STOP” button, then determine moves by the color on which is stops?

      1. Combining for the corner of a cube with 3 4×4 sides showing is a great view. 4×4 might be a little tight for rich text, but I’ll experiment with it other than text. Thanks!

    1. I wish I had the resources (read: cash) to add 4x the resolution. It’s funny how many picked up on the 30 degree thing. I had the text scrolling horizontally with amazing horizontal resolution, but offset, it will give the vertical resolution. I’ll have to try that immediately.

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