Pingbot: Adorable And Fully Documented

After building many functional but somewhat unfinished looking bots, [Tomdf] really wanted to produce something that felt “complete”.  Pingbot is the result and here’s how [Tomdf] describes it:

Pingbot is a very small (38mm diameter), usb rechargeable, programmable, musical, remote control robot designed for maximum fun and danceability.

Though I wasn’t inclined to dance I did find myself smiling watching the video. Pingbot does look finished and has quite a bit of personality too. The brains inside the Pingbot are a Picaxe 08m2. With a 110mAh Li-Po battery, Pingbot can dance happily for a quite a while too. When juice is running low, just plug into your USB port for a recharge. You can find all the info and schematics on the instructible as well as the files to print your own Pingbot shell.

24 thoughts on “Pingbot: Adorable And Fully Documented

    1. Thirded, or Fourthed?

      27 years old, have seen batteries not included more than is reasonable. Also, “Short Circuit”. Probably movies like that are what led me to be an EE.

    2. That movie was the inspiration behind the look of the robot’s shell. I wanted one of those cute little robots so bad when I was a kid, bad enough to try to make them 20 years later :p

  1. Okay, I will spend my evening doing this. My solution as not having a 3D printer: Using epoxy resin to form the sphere around a light bulb, cutting the light bulb in half and gluing the PCB into it. Iam sure, I’ll find my broken IPod somewhere .. there’s the battery .. The PCB will be drawn with a fineliner, all other components are stray in my room .. I GONNA BUILD THIS AWESOMENESS tonight :)

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