Maker Faire NC 2012: Electrical Vehicles


Although I had no idea what to expect at the NC Maker Faire, I was pleasantly surprised to see several well made electrical vehicles. One of note was [Lab306]‘s Fox body electric Mustang. Although it would have been impressive by itself, it was made by a high school class and has been featured in several publications. Be sure to check out their excellent website, or the short video of it after the break! Don’t you wish you went to that high school?

Also of note were a few really cool cars seen after the break, including one built from a kit by [Green Cycle Design Group]. The other two were extremely small by traditional car standards and featured very unique designs.





7 thoughts on “Maker Faire NC 2012: Electrical Vehicles

  1. I like the car, although it would be nice to have more detail such as what transmission they are running and also if the had to upgrade any components such as suspension. Completed interior shot would be nice too.

  2. Man i was wanting to go to Maker Faire NC again this year but i had summer school so it was a no go :/

    I was there last year it was my first time attending a make faire. Pretty fun stuff.

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