Joystick Operated Security Cam Will Overlook The Moat

What good is a moat if nobody is guarding it? We suppose that depends on what beasties lurk beneath the surface of the water, but that’s neither here nor there. The members of LVL1 continue their quest to outdo each other in augmenting the building’s automated features. The latest offering is this security camera which is operated with an analog thumb stick.

These are the people who are building a moat (which the city things is a reflecting pool) in front of their main entrance. Now they will be able to see and sense if anyone is trying to get across the watery hazard. The hack marries an ultrasonic rangefinder and camera module with a pair of servo motors. The brackets for the motors allow a full range of motion, and the signal is translated by an Arduino and Video Experimenter shield to put out a composite video signal. That’s not going to make streaming all that easy, but we’re sure that is just one more hack away.

6 thoughts on “Joystick Operated Security Cam Will Overlook The Moat

  1. OK I am all for hacking stuff but why reinvent the wheel when it is less expensive. and can be a lot more reliable,

    on ebay there are IPcams that are already IR ready , have motion sensing and alarm email, and can close a dry contact locally and if you use the rich software can remotely close a dry contact to open a door. and have 2 way audio for ~$100.00
    and it is in a weather resistant enclosure.

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