A Large Hexapod Made Of Wood And PVC Pipe

pvc hexapod rc tests with Evie the dog

Although not the biggest hexapod walker we’ve seen by any means, this one is nonetheless worth a mention. Made with windshield wiper motors, PVC pipe, and lots of wood, it’s still a good size ‘bot. It’s a work in progress, but check out the video of it’s legs being tested as well as one of it’s preliminary assembly after the break.

Control is similar to this little hexapod that we’ve featured before in the the front and back legs are driven by a motor and linked together using threaded rod.  In this case though, the rod is 1/4 – 20, much larger than the 4-40 rod used by it’s little predecessor. Also unlike little PegLeg, the middle legs are independently actuated, not linked together. This should allow for some different modes of locomotion.

Different modes of locomotion, that is, if it’s able to walk. Although able to pick itself up, the middle legs are barely strong enough to support the large battery and powerful, but heavy, automotive motors. This is an introductory post to this project, and everything will hopefully be worked out and explained in time. Be sure to check back and see how this robot progresses, and the details of the different elements of this ‘bot.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gZnngMo29g%5D

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFXKD_RlyxQ%5D

Special thanks to [Evie] the dog for posing next to this RC walker in the photo!

7 thoughts on “A Large Hexapod Made Of Wood And PVC Pipe

    1. Rob, if we wanted to see videos of other hexapods, we could have found them our self on youtube. I can not quite see why you post them here, because they really have nothing to do with the hexapod mentioned in this article.

      1. The videos are just a reference to size (to define what a “large hexapod” really is). The featured hexapod in this thread is not a “micro” or “nano” hexapod, but relative to the size of a man, I would call it a “small” hexapod. For our purposes, walkers are compared to the size of a man, and a hexapod of roughly the same size as a man-sized android walker would be considered “normal” or “regular”. A “large hexapod” is what can be seen in the videos.

        And if “we” object to “other hexapods”, then why is are there not one, but TWO links to “other hexapods” in the second paragraph of the title post above? Apparently links to “other hexapods” are indeed welcome here.

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