Electromagnetic Field Camp

Emf Electromagnetic Field Camp is a three-day camping festival for people with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, geeks, scientists, engineers, artists, and crafters.

There will be people talking about everything from genetic modification to electronics, blacksmithing to high-energy physics, reverse engineering to lock picking, crocheting to carpentry, and quadcopters to beer brewing. If you want to talk, there’ll be space for you to do so, and plenty of people who will want to listen.

EMF is a volunteer effort by a non-profit group, inspired by European and US hacker camps like CCC, HAR, and toorcamp.  This year on Friday 31st August – Sunday 2nd September 2012 Will hold the first Uk meeting of its kind.

Events and activities will run throughout the day and into the evening, everything else (chats, debates, impromptu circus performances, orbital laser launches) will run as long as your collective energy lasts.

The Event is to be held at Pineham Park, Milton Keynes, UK.

As a Hackaday viewer you can get discounted tickets.

[thanks Jonty]

7 thoughts on “Electromagnetic Field Camp

  1. *waves at Jonty*

    I’m attending and it’s going to be awesome. Anyone wanna learn Hypnosis? We will be teaching that, as well as there being lots of other talks and cool happenings :D

      1. I didn’t quite catch the point of your post? Routinely we have to dispel myths created by television in order to get passed all of that and have awesome hypnosis sessions.

  2. I was reading this expecting the usual US attendance location, I am quite(happily) suprised to find that this is less than 100 miles from my house! I have often thought about making a trip to the US to come see one/some of the amazing shows/events for hackers, builders, tinkerers etc. It is rly good to see things happening like this on our side of the pond! Props to EMFCamp & Hackaday!

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