Electronic Beer Pong Removes Beer From The Equation

You can take the guy out of the frat house, but you can’t take the frat house out of the guy. [Evan Flint] proves this with his incessant need to have a beer pong game at all of his parties. But now that he’s growing up, and living in nicer places, he doesn’t necessarily want to have the oft-messy game in his home. So he found an electronic solution to his problem. Electropong is like an electronic dart board for playing beer pong. You won’t find beer in the cups, but you’ll still find plenty of fun.

The game includes the triangle of cups that makes up a traditional playing area. In the bottom of each cup is an RGB LED that will keep track of each player’s hits by lighting the cup in that team’s color. Illuminated buttons provide a way to control the game, with an LED marquee to read out the score.

[Evan] mentions some difficulty in recreating the physics of a cup full of beer. He says he overcame the challenge, but alas, there are no details on how. We’ve asked him to update his post so check back for more info.

12 thoughts on “Electronic Beer Pong Removes Beer From The Equation

  1. Just look inside a Cuponk to see how they did it. It’s like a soft plastic(like pleather) insert that absorbs all the energy and prevents the ball from bouncing. They were on clearance everywhere, the last time I saw them.

  2. Dr. DFTBA, now a days, a lot of frats/campus house parties don’t put the beer in the cups, they are filled with water and one drinks out of a can when they get scored on. This makes it easier to use mixed drinks, less likely to spread colds/cold soars, and people don’t mind as much when you play in gross places (like dorm bathrooms). Sure the game has changed a bit in the past few years, but hey, that happens to a lot of drinking games.

    Although this is nice, it takes away a few key elements necessary to a full game of pong. Such as the face off (to start the game people on opposite sides maintain eye contact and shoot to see who starts) and re-racks (when one relinquishes their rebuttal in order to rearrange their opponents cups in a way that doesn’t always fit the original triangle).

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