IOS Terminal Debugging Tool

This is a simple iOS debugging tool that will take no time to solder together. There’s even a chance that you already have everything you need on hand. The hack simply connects an RS232-to-USB converter to a breakout board for an iPod connector.

The hardware is aimed not at stock iOS systems, but as an aid to those who wish to run alternative operating systems on them. When the OpeniBoot package is run on an iPod Touch or iPhone it enables a serial terminal on pins 12 and 13. The FTDI breakout board takes these as RX and TX and makes them available to your terminal program of choice via USB. Speaking of USB, you may already have noticed the black cable leaving the right side of the image. Using the terminal doesn’t limit your ability to use the device’s USB functions.

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    1. In defense of HaD, I see lot of stuff here for the very first time. HaD is a place I can go without having to surf 10^27 other sites to get the information. (Now Brian/Caleb/Mike/et al, will you PLEASE forgive me for all those smart alecky comments? B^)

      1. I agree with all three of you….

        While its all old information HaD has for a long time been a great way for me to think up new ideas/projects to try and learn in the process….

        It’s like the news, you could run around trying to find the stories source or… just go to an outlet and wait for stuff to come to you.

  1. This cable is mostly useful for people wishing to perform Kernel debugging natrium42 on iOS or with opensource software, by using this cable with redsn0w and a jailbroken iOS device & booting with “debug=0x09 kdp_match_name=serial” will enable kernel debugging via serial in iOS. The setup essentially makes it easier to get into DFU mode, boot and access the serial port required for debugging at the same time. Hope you find a use for it!

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