Tiny OLED Oscilloscope Gets A Fancy Case

[Gabriel Anzziani] has just unleashed a newer, more convenient version of his Xprotolab portable oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and function generator. It’s up on Kickstarter, and the price is actually very nice for a tool of this caliber.

We first saw the Xprotolab early last year and ran into [Gabriel] at this year’s World Maker Faire in New York. On both occasions we were impressed with the size and capability of this very, very small OLED-display oscilloscope and general breadboarding Swiss army knife.

The Xprotolab features a two-channel, 200 kHz oscilloscope, 8-input logic analyzer, and an arbitrary waveform generator that should be good enough for all your breadboarding adventures. On top of that, the Xprotolab can sniff SPI, I2C, and UART protocols, and even has a small spectrum analyzer tucked away in a device small enough to lose in your pocket.

The updated-for-Kickstarter Xprotolab features an enclosure with a LiPo battery good for 12 hours of use per charge. Sure, it’s not a bench full of old HP and Tektronix gear, but for the budding maker, this seems like a very useful tool indeed.

15 thoughts on “Tiny OLED Oscilloscope Gets A Fancy Case

  1. The kickstarter is a bit unclear. If I want a unit I can actually cary arond and use, I would need an enclorure. I think you may get an enclosure at the $80 level, but why should I have to guess? And, he should show something of what the final unit will look like. If he has picked out a case, put a picture of it.

    1. I just visited and left with the same doubt. And there is a Q&A, state the differences are in accessories, but is the enclosure an accessory? If I have to dig so much for simple info, I am concerned how easy the tool usage going to be. So far, only jyetech small scope has enough buttons to be easy, none has touch screen, but the problem with jyetech is the screen size and color.

  2. @FrankenPC Yes, there is an example of how to do a curve tracer in the manual. You just need an external 1K ohm resistor.

    @Ralph I recently updated the picture and added a new video. If you have visited the project before, perhaps you need to refresh the page?

  3. Another product with a LiPo battery that the US Post Office won’t ship outside the USA. This means unaffordable international shipping which seriously harms US businesses. Thank You Big Government!

  4. Awful device. No input protection whatsoever. The logic analyzer pins go directly into the μC, analog inputs go directly into opamps. The designer of this piece of junk has done a terrible job and he should feel bad.

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