Tablet Rig Takes Sheet Music Digital


[Bill Dudley’s] wife wanted to use a couple of different tablets for displaying sheet music. Sure, a proper music stand will have no trouble supporting the weight of the device, but if it’s not secured it place you may soon have a broken device. [Bill’s] solution was to build this tablet stand out of PVC.

The image above doesn’t tell the entire story of how he did this. But if you look really closely you’ll notice that the pipe is actually acting as a frame rather than a cradle. After measuring, cutting, and gluing all of the components together he cut a channel around the inside of the u-shaped PVC frame. The channel is the exact thickness of the tablet and holds the device securely. A base from a music stand makes up the rest of the rig.

Pages can be turned using a USB foot pedal. This is fantastic for gigging musician who use digital music collections like the Real Book.

12 thoughts on “Tablet Rig Takes Sheet Music Digital

  1. Since when the first e-reader devices hit the market, i wanted one for displaying sheet music (I’m playing trumpet). But for beeing really useful, such devices need a bigger display. It needs to be at least the size of a A4-page (297x210mm), better two pages/displays and to be foldable like a book. Devices like normal eReader (eInk-display) or Tablets are just two small to be read from a little distance, like with a trumpet in front of your head.
    I hope there will be a eReader/Tablet in such a format, because I’m already digitizing a lot of sheet music and books (brass literature). Having some books like the “Real Book” on a reader would spare me several kilograms!

  2. Not a bad utility. However, when playing the piano, why not just rest the tablet on the lip that holds the sheet music?

    If you need the tablet closer for easier reading, just mount the holder to the backboard with Velcro or some other sort of easily removable mount like clamps?


  3. Harry Connick Jr. has been doing this for years with Macs. While touring, he has his band bring him their removable HDs at night and makes any changes. But that was several years ago. Not sure what he is doing now. It even had the added value of his band being bathed in blue light from the monitors. He even got a patent for the system.

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