Faceless Child’s Engineer Father Builds Him A Breathtaking Ride


Okay, the kid does have a face, but it looks like Dad blurred it for his protection. The real story here is the killer ride built by his engineer father. It’s far nicer than the cars driven by the Hackaday team, but then again, since it cost more than a BMW 3 series that’s no surprise.

[Lingzi] lives in China and does custom car work for a living. So to take on this project for his son was more of a stretch of the pocketbook than of his skill set. The car features a custom frame with rack and pinion steering, disc brakes, a rear differential, and a reputable suspension system. The body of the vehicle is crafted from carbon fiber. The lights all work and there’s an electric motor and transmission mounted just behind the driver’s seat. Unfortunately there’s no video of this in action (China blocks YouTube). But do take a look at the album above for pictures of the final paint job. There is also a little bit more information to be found in [Lingzi’s] Reddit discussion.

56 thoughts on “Faceless Child’s Engineer Father Builds Him A Breathtaking Ride

    1. There was a old Outer Limits episode that had that as part of the script.

      On a positive note, fatherhood does have its priviliges. I am sure it was a labor of love for him. And it rocks!

  1. At first I believed there was a birth defect, and thought the bear on the trunk was his deformed hand… Thankfully, that isn’t the case.

    Anyway, that car is awesome! I like the dark paint job better than the race car paint. I am working on a project for my 16 month old… it pales in comparison to this awesome creation.

  2. So, the first picture shows a kid in a room with an Old TV standing on 2 box with a piece of wood. this looks like its fake to me, on the chat with the “dad” someone says his kid face is showing and he replys with “his friends wont be seeing this websites”, im not saying its impossible but this seems like a scam :)

    1. Not to mention that they’re both asians with black hair and the kid’s hair in the other photos is brown. Comparing the first picture of the kid and the room with the room later on is also suspicious. Looking at the last picture it also looks like there’s two of them.

      I think several parts of the story is correct, but something here is off.

    1. That’s a good catch. The fin on the black car is also a separate piece from the body as opposed to blue “paint job” where it is molded like in the CAD design. Not to mention the presence/lack of mirrors and doors. Not sure if that means it’s a fake or an early scale prototype.

  3. As a father of a kid who is around that age, my first reaction is, WOW! That really puts me to shame. But then, I think about why I can’t possibly do anything like that. One reason is that I’m busy caring for, reading to, teaching, and playing with my kid almost all of my time away from work. While I really admire the skill and craftsmanship that went into that creation, I have no regrets over spending my time playing with my kid by building crude paper airplanes, simple towers from blocks, train layouts, and playing with other more mundane toys and books.

  4. i think it’s fake. the parts and their color looks heavily like a RC car specially the suspension part. also look at the allen wrench. they are just too big ! or it’s fake.

    Also the guy looks japanese .

    1. Additionally:

      All the shots with the black car look to be rendered.

      The kids face is blurred because It’s a completely different kid.

      The door gap vanishes on all the non black renders. Why would you fill that in?

    1. it’s super impressive. It would of been cooler if he used CAD and open sourced a ubibody design for body using ATV suspension and utility-gas or 3-state AC power. I think it would of actually been cheaper and less maintenance too.

  5. I would really love to see a video of this Car. To be honest those pictures look Amazing. In many respects too amazing to me. No dust no fingerprints nothing on the car, all the reflections are perfect. The main picture of the child with his hand on the door is puzzling to me. Why not hold on to the sterring wheel? Please prove me wrong post a video. I would love to see this feat of engineering moving. If you can’t post a video please post higher resolution pictures.


    1. It seems to me like the “driver” is turning to pick up his hat on the ground next to the rear wheel. Next, the bear will blow off before he hits 100kph, and he’ll have to back track to pick that up. B^)

  6. It is a beautiful “car”
    I’d love to see an adult size “kit car” based on the shell, Maybe based on the frame/drivetrain of a Suzuki Sidekick. (something affordable, as opposed to kit cars based on Corvettes.)

    1. The street Rod arena has many products that can be uses to create a foundation for a kit car. As I’m concerned it may as well be Corvette, as I’m unlikely to be able to afford the Street Rod components or Suzuki either.

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