Gaming System Inside An Atari Joystick


This original Atari controller is pretty small (take a look at that RCA cable for a sense of scale). Despite it’s size, [Kyle Brinkerhoff] managed to fit a complete gaming system inside the controller. This Pocket Sized Atari is a follow-up to another project he did called ArduPong which let him play Pong using a joystick and an Arduino. This rendition takes the external project box from that build and moves everything into one tight little package.

In the video after the break [Kyle] gives us a tour of the internals. The Arduino board he went with is an Ardweeny which is no bigger than the ATmega328 footprint so it can be easily mounted off to one side. The joystick internals have been replaced with the analog stick module from a PlayStation controller. That is where the button came from as well. Just connect this to a 9V battery and the composite video input of a TV and you’re ready to do some gaming!

Now if you just want that retro look for your Xbox Live games check out this Xbox 360 controller in an Atari joystick.

12 thoughts on “Gaming System Inside An Atari Joystick

  1. That is *not* an original Atari controller. It is a candy tin made to look like a joystick. They are also not that small relatively speaking. There is far less space inside your standard NES or SNES pad. I believe Ben Heck packed a 360 board inside of an original CX40.

    While this is enjoyable I would not call this a hack outside of chopping up a candy tin, a fate that many an Altoid tin has met. :/

  2. I’m confused as to this has been on the market already for a few years at least to my recollection, cant you already buy an Atari controller that plugs into your TV and it’s preloaded with nearly all the game’s you’d wan’t or a Hack on THAT device to allow all games to be ran may be more impressive…

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