Oreo-creme Hater Builds Rube Goldberg CNC Router To Remove The Stuf


Look, we understand the need to find a project to occupy your time and interest. So we’re not going to ask the wrong question (why?) for this one. This guy hates the creme that connects the chocolate cookies to make an Oreo. So he built a complicated system to separate the cookies and remove the creme. Check out the video after the break for a hardware overview (where we catch a glimpse of an Arduino RBBB) and a complete demonstration.

Although the project is a marketing gimmick for the company, we really love the fun they had making the video and the device actually works! Drop a cookie in the chute and it will be lifted into position for cleaving with a hatchet (we’re unsure what the string mechanism on the hatchet is for). The two pieces are then grabbed by some servo-powered grippers and transferred to a CNC router bed where a Dremel tool removes the residual creme before dumping the cookies out into your hand.

Once again, marketers should take note of this style of advertising. Notice the two main features achieved here: including a product in something we’re genuinely interested in and not being annoying (we’re looking at you Head-On).


[via Reddit]

48 thoughts on “Oreo-creme Hater Builds Rube Goldberg CNC Router To Remove The Stuf

  1. The string is to keep the sticky cookie halves from sticking to the hatchet, the machine has real attention to detail, it is dare I say it, the best of its kind!

  2. Oh, it’s a marketing thing eh? That explains it. I would just remove the innards through broaching.

    It might make an interesting project to do to get MORE of the stuff.

    1. Too bad none of these projects uses actual viable methods for removing the creme. the first one wastes it, the second one sprays it all over your face.

      I really hope they make a part 3 that makes double stuffed oreos, preferably a machine where you can then feed the double-stuffs back into the input hopper to make them quad-stuffs :P

      If not, someone else needs to make one.

    1. Some comedian has a routine about “Serving Size” listed on packages. He was surprised how few Oreos make one serving. “I eat Oreos like a wood chipper eats logs!”
      (vocal sound effect as he shows himself to be a wood chipper eating a stack of Oreos).

      1. I like the VR whiteboard idea – so he can sit in the right place inside the van – ‘just so’ – and view the contraption through the glass…. making annotations on the VR glass world – ready to apply them in the real world when they’re perfected (or as close as they may ever get!).
        Low carbon footprint, zero emissions (except for the Oreo flatulence – and of course starting the van to keep warm.
        BTW this has to be sponsored in some way by Oreo… the number of product/pack shots – and the fact he’s a copywriter suggests he may work somewhere in the Oreo marketing chain.(sad – not a real hacker)

  3. Ohh wtf, he identifies himself as a “copyrighter” what the hell has this world come to…
    Just another troll in my eyes.
    It’s an INVENTOR, or INNOVATOR, not a goddman copyrighter, you fuck wad .

    1. Aaaaaand totally making an ass of themselves award goes to. This guy! Copy writer.


      Writes Copy. Copy Writer. See how this works? No ‘OMG HE COPYWRITES STUFF SO HE CAN A PATENT TROLL’
      Now stop being a fuckwad yourself and understand what you are hearing BEFORE you start whining about it and make yourself look like a damn moron.

        1. Yeah, it’d be better with one cookiewide-ish hole, and have it narrow just before that point. The next cookie comes down, pushes it along, and it scrapes the creme right off.

          I… I kind of want to build this.

          I once took a whole package of oreos and took the creme out. It measures out to, uhh, a lot. I think Rob Cockerham of cockeyed.com did it for one of his “How much is inside” things.

          1. I accidentally pressed report on this reply there is nothing wrong with it sorry .
            also If you want to do that go ahead I have no problems with that .

            The Idea is the tube narrows from the size of half a cookie to just the size of the biscuit thickness over the cheese grater causing the biscuit being pushed in to scrap off the last one.

      1. It seems like the start of a viral marketing campain. Their cookiecreamovers are deliberatly bad by design so you can come in an make a better one and post it on youtube/ HAD > Free Marketing

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