Oreo Separators Episode 2 Chucks Food At Your Face

Here’s a portable, well-built Oreo separator that still manages to border on ridiculous. Instead of just ditching the creme filling, it dispenses the cookie and the creme separately. Ostensibly the two creators like different things. One enjoys the cookies while the other only likes the creme. Of this division was born the professional-looking snack divider.

Unlike the hatchet-based system shown off in the first episode this machine has a hopper into which several Oreos may be loaded. The demo cookie is like none we’ve seen before because the top portion is pushed off as if it took no effort at all. The creme is then softened with a stream of hot air before the gooey creme is blasted into the other creators face. Some of it may even have entered his mouth. The final step ejects the remaining chocolate cookie by launching it straight up into the air.

Our favorite part of the video after the break is the “DO NOT ATTEMPT” subtitle that flashes on the screen whenever the apparatus is launching food into the guys’ mouths.

13 thoughts on “Oreo Separators Episode 2 Chucks Food At Your Face

  1. I always think that saying ‘Do not attempt’ is in poor taste, what gives these gentlemen the right to declare that when the viewer may well be more qualified to attempt these ‘dangerous’ things? ‘Do not attempt unless qualified’ perhaps?

    1. I think the best disclaimer i have seen on a video like this is “Warning, sharp things are sharp”.

      These disclaimers are getting silly, every time you do something that could possibly hurt anyone you need a disclaimer. Soon we will see disclaimers in videos where people cross the street (Warning! Always make sure the road is clear before crossing) or walk down stairs (Warning! Falling down stairs can cause serious damage to body). Any skating video would be entirely obscured by disclaimers.

    1. True. Oreos are vile. While at least Red Bull went to an effort, funding a competition and making some hardware, this is just pure advertising. If a hobbyist makes an amusing machine out of love, that’s fine. If some douchebag ad agency “make” a machine for the pure purpose of an advert, I really don’t want to read it here.

      This is pure advert. If it was something USEFUL and they offered us some plans or parts or software or whatever, good for us. But if it’s just another shitty advert with their tame lame jokes, why include it here? Next time at least charge them for an advert like this.

      And have I mentioned they’re the most horrible, gritty “chocolate” biscuits I ever tasted? Gods know what they use instead of actual chocolate. And the cream has the flavour of precisely nothing. Can’t spell “emulsified vegetable fat” without “mmmmm”!

  2. Actually thinking about it, the assembly line of baroque machines they use to make their putative “cookies” would be more interesting to watch. Can’t spell “synthetic cookie-style biscuit substitute” without “infra-red conveyor oven”!

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