Adafruit Launches Educational Show Aimed At Kids


Adafruit Industries just posted the first episode in a new educational series aimed at teaching kids about electronics. The episode is entitled “A is for Ampere” and teaches the basic theory behind electrical current. The subject seems like a common one for A-to-Z themed electrical tutorials. [Jeri Ellsworth] did a similar episode but hers is aimed more at the electronics hobby crowd.

[Limor] and gang (that’s [Collin Cunningham] dressed up as [Andre-Marie Ampere]) seem to be all-in on this project. The episode features ADABOT, the blue puppet which takes on the role of the student in this episode. After demonstrating a mains circuit breaker tripping the episode goes on to discuss electron flow and how current is measured.

We’re all about this type of educational opportunity. The age group at which this series is targeted have never known a day without touchscreens, they should know at least something about how those devices actually work.

25 thoughts on “Adafruit Launches Educational Show Aimed At Kids

  1. The idea of an educational series on electronics if fantastic. However, I am not sure a woman with neon hair and a pierced lip is the role model I would want for my children, but I have met Limor, and she is very nice, and I respect her. Again, I like the concept.

    1. Oh noes, a girl that painted her hair and has modern day jewelry while being an intelligent super successful self made person with a legitimate career. What a HORRIBLE ROLE MODEL. YOU are not the role model I would want for your children either.

  2. At age do schools generally introduce science as this to kids? I attended 1-8 at a parochial school, with very little classroom science instruction. The first science class I had was when I started attending a public high school in 1970. My most recent experience as volunteer tells me an introduction to electricity begins in middle school. In the event that’s the case, this cartoon character might miss the intended age group. comments both here at Hackaday &YouTube want to see an entire chapter pushed into one video. Forgetting the video title “A is for Ampere”, and that there are plenty of other resources on the web demonstrate current is action. Limor should slow her speaking pace for these videos, and her audio isn’t being recorded very clearly, and the robot’s audio isn’t great either. Although it’s great she is giving it a try.

      1. Huh? I mean, 1, Levar is all about kid’s education. 2, he’s done reading rainbow for years, and has experience in educating kids. And 3, He’s freaking Geordi. He would make sure that ada’s show gets off to a good production.

  3. I would recommend to work on the lighting, make up and camera position. Working on the script and directing would not hurt either.

    Maybe it is me but when there is a script then I expect the video to have certain qualities.

    But in general, the idea looks promising.

  4. I can think of no better role model than Limor Fried. Her success shows us that it doesn’t matter what you look like it’s what you do. As far as the Vid goes I think it can use some work as far as production goes. It is the first and I’m sure they already have ideas how to improve things. The robot seems a little childish but I’m not sure what age group this is aimed at. All in all I think it’s a great start.

  5. Seriously, I’d have to consider other options before letting my kids see this. The info is fine, it’s the way it’s presented. But, the host’s hair and shirt and lip ring would give me pause at the underlying message it’s sending. Not the wholesome educational model I want for my kids. YMMV. Bill Nye type would have been better (obviously).

  6. This is a great start!
    As for all the comments on the pink hair and lip piercing, I would much rather my girls have her as a role model than Pairs Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Snookie or Fergie. Limor has achieved her fame through hard work and for being intelligent. Now what better role model could you want? Now if she had face tats, maybe not.

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