RedBull Creation Contest Entries Revealed!


The Redbull Creation contest is underway and the entries into the first stage have been submitted. As a judge, it is my duty to watch every single one of these and cast my vote on who should continue to round two. I won’t be sharing my vote with you, but I thought you might enjoy watching the entries yourself! Remember that the rules for this round were simply “build something amazing using this box full of cool stuff we sent you.”.

I have to say that the entrants really kicked things up a notch this year. These projects are so amazing that choosing 3 to be the “most awesome” is proving quite difficult. I’d also like to take yet another opportunity to mention that we think that this is such a wonderful method of promotion. RedBull could be making sappy commercials about polar bears drinking their beverage, but instead, they are encouraging people to make AWESOME things(yes, they have commercials too). Other companies should take note, like Oreo did!

You can view all the entries here.


19 thoughts on “RedBull Creation Contest Entries Revealed!

  1. Oh really? Having some trouble selecting some entrants eh? Maybe these 10 internet dollar signs will help you make up your mind: $$$$$$$$$$ Remember, there’s more where that came from.

  2. I just had a look through some of the videos, there were some imaginative people out there.
    In particular I liked the North Street Labs (“Tic Tac Woah”), simple idea but very effective implementation but I’d like to get hold of the Team Multiple Score-Gasm’s one (“The Hive”) not just because it’s a great twist on tag but it has Zombie mode (shame it’s not quite like Halo).

  3. I had worked on an LED suit just like the photon transmission suit, never finished it. Was awesome to see what it would have looked like if I did bother to finish it.

    1. I’m the one in the video! Gotta say, that outfit was ridiculous…
      Thanks to exams, we did all that work in around 27 hours of building and shooting last weekend.

        1. (disclaimer: not me, not mine) The solid strips can interface to a uC with simple mosfets. The animatable ones can interface directly to a (5V) uC. I power my LED suit stuff with RC car LiPo packs + 5V switched regulator. Solid strips tend to use 12V source, a 3S (11.1v LiPo) can handle those.

          I’ve never found solid RGB strips w/ resistors for a 5V supply. Such a power waste!

        2. We don’t yet, but we are planning on putting some info together.
          We interfaced the non-addressable LEDs using the turbull encabulator over I2C from an arduino mega. The I2C level converter on our board actually blew up somehow, so we replaced it with some FETs.
          We ran the addressable LEDs directly off of the SPI bus of the mega. We used a 3S LiPo battery to power the suit.

  4. I just wanted to say THANKS to HackADay for posting the Red Bull Creation Contest a few weeks back. I had fun working on the project. My team made the personal portable party pack. We had so much fun that we are making a sister backpack that will dispense shots. Wish we had a little more time. Good luck to everyone ! B

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